List of my loot so far

Just to keep a record of it… and feel guilty about how much money I’ve bled whilst in HK?!  D:

K, this list will exclude gachapon stuffs, miniatures, Sylvanian Families stuffs…… oh, and clothes/shoes/bags/etc.

  • Tsukasa figma, Lucky Star
  • WIM!Miku 1/8 scale figure, Vocaloid
  • Chiaki nendoroid, Minami-ke
  • 2x Hetalia One Coin figure thingies – Fura-nii + Romano
  • 5x Vocaloid nendoroid puchis – 2x Rin, Meiko, Sakine Meiko, Haku
  • 2x Gintama box figure thingies – Gin-chan + Sougo
  • 1x K-ON! Prop Petit Plus (I think) – Azu-nyan
  • Takoluka phone strap thingy, Vocaloid
  • 3x Vocaloid albums – Vocalostar, WhiteFlame’s album, doriko’s album

…and that’s all I can remember for now.  D:

…and I plan to buy:

  • ex:ride ride.002 (bike) | January 21 <– maybe?  [~83.50 HKD]
  • Luka nendoroid | January 27
  • Yui figma | January 30

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