GSC… so cruel…. T____T

So I ended up buying Luka nendo as well as figma Yui… The latter somehow costs a lot in HK.  Popularity, I suppose?  I actually bought the last one in the shop and that was the day after it got released in Japan.  D:

Either way, she’s really nice quality~  The figma stand fits perfectly unlike with Kagamine Rin figma.  And somehow I reckon her hand joints are different as well?!  Hm, dunno.

I don’t really have any close-up photos and all… since I’m too lazy…. =D But the details on her guitar are awesome and the guitar case is so cute~

I dunno, I’m just really happy with Yui.  =O  Her faces look really nice unlike Rin’s faces.  >.>  Well, Rin’s normal face is sorta weird.  Her happy face is better but it bugs me that she looks to the side.  orz

…eh, and whilst I’m at it, leaving the link here for how to stick on the custom faces for Yui. (edit: whoops, copied/pasted the wrong link. o.o;; Now I know which ones to save for those blog entries~)

I missed the pre-orders for Azu-nyan nendo…
BUT THEN THERE’S THE 2ND SHIPMENT… and so I managed to pre-order her.
I’ll decide later if I really want her ‘cos I prefer the figma version.
I could always borrow the ears off from a friend ‘cos she’s getting Azu-nyan nendo for sure… borrow the cat ears to place on Len… wwww


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