LOL moar wonfes

Yeah, I bet you’re sick and tired but like, I found moar stuffs.  D:

Hoping that the links from foobarbaz’s site works.  D:


Source: Danny Choo <— this entry has links to… a ton of other wonfes posts, just so you know.  =O

Wonder Festival Booths
^ OMG, I WANT.  But then I need Konata….
Larger pix.

Wonder Festival Booths
Larger pix.

Wonder Festival Booths
^ oh oh, I’d like the Lucky Star ones~
Larger pix.

Wonder Festival Booths
^ lol, K-ON! cosplay you can buy. www


Source: foobarbaz
..k, I’m hoping the links work… as in, I linked them properly.  If not, just copy/paste?!  D:
^ close-up pix of that long haired!Haruhi nendo
^ nicer pix of long haired!Haruhi figma.  She looks… pretty nice.  =O
^ bigger, nicer pix of Azu-nyan figma
^ close-up of epic KoiSen figure
^ huge toeto with mini toeto.  I didn’t notice mini toeto in the earlier photos.  D:
^ huge Miku has pix of the sign underneath.  Dunno what it says but linking it here for future use?!
^ I think I’ve seen this before …or maybe not?!  But… grand piano!  =D  Eh, but then I already has Sylvanian Families version…
^ yet another prop for figmas… and it’s… foldable?!  Ooo~~
Set to release in July.  BUT NO, need to get Azu-nyan figma.  D:  CIEL NENDO, WHERE ARE YOU?!

…k, that’s it for now.  D:


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