Online figure shops

Just a little memo/list thing for myself. =D

Includes stuff about Hobby Search, AmiAmi, HLJ & Otacute.

[and this is someone’s list of online shops in general]

Hobby Search

  • credit card & paypal [payment within 3 days]
  • user menu – change + recombine orders easily; point system = save $$ for next purchase
  • Combine PRE-ORDERS only – same month
  • er, now for pre-orders, there’s a cancel period of 7 days.
    oh, I dunnoes, go read this thing here but I think you can still cancel via email?
  • I think it’s usually 5% off? Hm, seems like they’re keeping prices at 15% off
  • EMS + SAL shipping (SAL isn’t registered i.e. cheaper?)
    They list the packages as ‘gift’
    SAL takes roughly 2 weeks; EMS takes 4 working days? [to Australia]

Random notes:

  • according to others, SAL shipping is cheaper than HLJ and…. amiami?!
  • but they claim some figures can’t be shipped via SAL, and yet other shops do it via SAL… >.>;;


  • paypal [payment within 1 week]…. and credit card?
  • no user menu?  But there’s user registration.  Hm…
    You need to add in the column when ordering stuff that you want it combined with a previous order
    “To do so, simply place an additional order online, and write “Combine this order with order No. *******.(your first order ID)” in the message column of the order form. In the case that the message column is left empty, we will still combine orders together as applicable.”
  • Combine PRE-ORDER items only – same month
  • on their site, you cannot cancel preorders but you can email them with a good reason + be polite… and cancel orders without anything bad happening?
  • 15%-20% off; seems to be the cheapest?
  • EMS + SAL shipping
    For SAL shipping, you can request registered if possible when ordering
    They just tick the thing as ‘goods’
    SAL takes roughly 2 weeks [to Australia]


  • paypal [can set up a thingy in paypal where it just automatically grabs money from there when you pay]
    & credit card
  • also has account thingy to manage orders BUT… I don’t think you can recombine orders? They tell you to order everything you want before clicking submit… >.>;;
    → create account thingies when you make your first order.
  • can cancel ordered stuff BEFORE payment/shipping – you do that via account thing, not email
  • prices are more expensive than HS & AmiAmi, it seems. =/
  • It has this two month wait thing… for pre-ordered items.
    i.e. any order that’s older than two months and they’ll ship it to you ASAP.
    “so if your first item is released on the 20th and another item on the 23rd, but your order is 3 months old, the two items will be shipped on TWO packages” <— what Miyuki said
    …and GSC tends to have their pre-orders 4 months before release date.  So yar… can get icky.
  • EMS + SAL shipping – they don’t tick as ‘gift’ – they tick ‘merchandise’

Random notes:

  • I hate the way you browse through that site.  “orz
  • not guaranteed to get pre-orders, apparently?!


  • paypal & credit card via Gate2Shop
  • Displays prices in USD and Euro only.  “orz
  • has account to manage stuffs
  • can’t combine orders. Gotta make sure you do it all before hitting submit.
    Can order items together if they don’t exceed 2 months apart for release date.
  • cannot cancel preorders
  • EMS + SAL shipping – supposedly cheaper shipping according to Honey

Random notes:

  • apparently they tend to chuck in freebies?
  • they have limited stuffs too, which is kinda nice =O
  • They also increase price for pre-ordered items… i.e. when pre-ordered items are in stock, price drops by a bit.  It’s explained in their FAQ.
    “All pre-order items are subject to a surcharge. This surcharge ensures that we can reserve the product for you. (Some products are very difficult to buy without placing a pre-order). ”
    > Subaru actsta $97.50 –> $81.90
    > Vita figma $31.50 –> $26.50
    > Saber figma casual $24.90 –> $20.90
    > Shiro figma casual $27.90 –> $22.90
    > BRS figma $27.90 —> $22.90
    > BRS nendo $34.50 —> $28.90

2 thoughts on “Online figure shops

  1. waaaa thanks for the summarised info fishy~ it makes life easier…even though I’m directly asking you anyways >.>
    *also saves page*

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