spring anime: first impressions

Hm, so my thoughts on some of the new anime airing this season~
…I normally don’t do this but this is because I’m procrastinating and randomly felt like typing one up.  o.o;;

≫ K-ON!!

I’ve always liked the series because… I dunno, I like the cuteness and moeness?!  o.o  So this first episode was like… uwaaaa, I get to see them all again~!  They’re all so cuuuute and adorable and gaaaaaaah~~~

The OP is … messy/all over the place.  =/  Don’t really like it on first listen.
The ED is nice.  The animation is nice too~~  It’s like… Don’t Say Lazy in terms of the style – the band playing music in a white room with Mio singing.

Oh, and: Azu-nyaaaaan~~~<3

Hakouoki: Shinsengumi Kitan

I don’t know why but I can’t help laughing over it?  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s an otomege (or whatever the word was)… and so you have your typical reverse harem set-up with lotsa pretty guys.

Also, I couldn’t help comparing them to Gintama’s Shinsengumi.  “orz

…eeeh, and couldn’t help lol-ing over Hijikata…?!  I’m not quite sure why either… maybe ‘cos he’s so typical bishounen?!  And the wiiiind that makes his hair flow.  o.o  With that face.  D:

…heh, anyway, aside from that, everything seems okay.  I’ll continue watching anyway mostly for the pretty guys. o.o


First point: THE SEIYUUUU.  *w* Fukuyama Jun! Ono Daisuke!  Kamiya Hiroshi!

Main guy is lulz.  XD  The main girl…. is there for moe factor.  >.>  She’s a loli but not a loli!  D:  Like… high school kid but she looks like a loli.  The people shown so far working in the restaurant are all strange~  Dunno about the two chefs yet.  =O  But I likes them~~  Lulz at

Anyway, I enjoyed watching it and found parts hilarious~  So I’ll continue for now~  Hopefully the main girl’s moeness won’t annoy me too much.  D:  She’s okay, so far.

≫ Senkou no Night Raid

Beginning of episode: this guy’s violin playing is bleeding my ears.  @.@
And then: THIS GUY’S MANDARIN IS KILLING MY EARS.  D:  Someone tell him to stop speaking Mando.  “orz  I don’t even understand the language and it kills my ears.

…CAN CARS REALLY DO THAT?  The car chase scene… the sliding… WUT?

And they have… magic powers?  What…?!  HOW?  D:

Anyway, overall, story seems interesting.  I’ll continue for now. =O

Hm, this was all done by April 12 but I had yet to watch 1st eps of Arakawa Under the Bridge and Kaichou wa Maid-sama… as well as searching for that other one… House of Five Leaves.  So I’ll do these three in a later post.

…whee, lagging behind by a lot~~

Kaichou wa Maid-sama


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