vom@s12 list

Just chucking circle list here~  So I don’t have to keep on searching again whenever I want to see >.>;;

And a list of what I /may/ fall for.  Or may not.  I want to know the details of peperonP’s album, dammit T___T

  • mothyheavenly yard; EVILS FOREST [1000 yen]
  • peperonP – ?!; ?! [?!] <— can’t access site, dammit.  T___T
  • meola + yuyoyuppeDraw the Emotional; I’m  <— maybe?!  Or maybe not.

…lulz, I really don’t have much of a list.  =’D
…yay, I get to save moar monies~~


road roller bag ww


not vom@s12 so I never added this here but… WHY DIDN’T I SINCE IT’S KUROUSAP?!

First track

‘sif I can somehow get my hands on that.  T____T
omg, it’s up on toranoana for 1050 yen. *w*


Hm… M3 as well.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Depends if it gets up on toranoana.


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