List of Vocaloid/utattemita CDs/doujin

I used to edit this entry but now I’ve created a page for it.

Also includes anything related to Vocaloid too.  =O

But anyway, this list is just for personal record for what I own at the moment.  Kinda doubt my collection would grow big (compared to Hisa’s and Miyuki’s) but then again, official CDs aren’t tooooo hard to get (compared to doujins) and Syaoyue’s gonna be in Japan for half a year.  Hm.

Official CDs:

  • amu, step on
  • amu, intensity
  • DECO*27, egomama
  • doriko, unformed
  • doriko, romishin / ロミオとシンデレラ
  • hanatan (and doriko), Flower Drops
  • RootFive, mikatsukihime (CD ver.)
  • supercell, sekiranun graffiti
  • WhiteFlame, Kimi no Iru Keshiki / 君のいる景色
  • Various Artists, Exit Tunes presents VOCALOSTAR
  • Various Artists, Exit Tunes presents VOCALONEXUS

Doujin CDs:

  • [C79] forest, marble [usa]
  • [C79] Hiwaily*2, mu [amu + buzzG/Nem]
  • [C79] Last Note, Vocalize [amu, ichigo, ASK, うさ, vip店長, ろん, 花たん, 赤飯xのど飴]
  • [C79] GARNiDELiA, ONE [MARiA + とくP]
  • [C80] usacolony, yontengo
  • [C81] amu, mu second
  • [M3-25] WhiteFlame, Winter Shear [singer: ameko/meramipop]
  • [M3-25] MISERICORDIA, MISERICORDIA [yuyoyuppe, ←P, koman, 花たん]
  • [vom@s11] ぺぺろんP, Articulate
  • [vom@s14] ぺぺろんP, clocks

Doujin – other:

  • [C77] m.m.m., VVW [三輪士郎/Miwa Shirou]

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