wonfes summer~ [mostly GSC]

Hm, just some notes and stuff about wonfes, taken from Danny Choo’s site.  Well, whatever he has up now.  I’ll be searching for more wonfes stuff from other sites later.  In fact, I’m not supposed to be doing it now…. I should be reading my textbook and squee over wonfes tomorrow morning but, oh well. “orz  I ended up checking Danny Choo’s site. “orz

WF2010 : Good Smile Company
↑ hm, nendoroids for that… Hayate no Gotoku / Hayate the Combat Butler thingy. =O
…not too sure about the one on bottom left though

WF2010 : Good Smile Company
↑ koisen figure in colour.  Looks so damn niiiiiiice but anyway, I’ll go search around for prettier/better photos of her tomorrow.  I think… I’ll just content myself with other people’s pretty photos of her.  Definitely not that willing to bleed money on that. “orz

Nadeko Sengoku
↑ Senjougahara and Araragi figmas!!!  Aaaah, Araragi-kuuuun~ >w<
Although… I’m somehow not that tempted.  Even though he looks really nice in figma.

Nadeko Sengoku
↑ hm, Danny didn’t post any close-ups of the TsubasaCat and SurugaMonkey figures.  I saw close-ups of them and daaaaamn, that TsubasaCat one looks nice. =O

Haruhi Suzumiya
↑ I somehow… always liked this version of Haruhi.  So I find her looking pretty okay as figma. =O
….still not on want list though.

Tsumugi Kotobuki Figure
↑ Max Factory.  And that is some amazing skill there, Mugi. o.o


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