wf2010s extra links

…. yeaaah, I’ll just keep on updating this post instead XD

And from dengeki:

  • eeeeh, togainu…? =O  Oh wait, better photo here, I think.
  • wheee, Kotobukiya’s Hetalia figures~! >w<
    I preordered them and… HAHA, they placed Prussia next to Austria XD
  • and more here too =O
  • And wow, Celty… headless with the shadow thing too =O
    And coloured version of that sexy Celty with zipper down… which doesn’t feel like Celty. D:


Gil’s Tavern – only photos of amateurs

  • Sakutaro!!
  • This Miku has funny hair… o.o  But I still somehow find the overall figure pretty?  =O
    More photos over here~~
  • Oooo, Shinobu from Bakemonogatari!!  Nice nice~~~
    (That’s based on redjuice’s fanart of her.  I think.)
  • wut, a figure of Ryouki from Ookami-san…blahblah, already!?
  • Senjougahara!

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