C79 CDs~

Just making a note of which ones I’m interested in:

Commercial (all days)

Label: Tora no Ana
Release Title: Project DownHill Queen
Genre: Touhou (InitialD-esque Eurobeat)
Members: Nodoame, Yurika (Hanatan)
^ making a note of this ‘cos of the singers + Initial D-esque Eurobeat factor

Day 3

Circle: Last Note.
Release Title: Vocalize
Members: amu, ichigo, ASK, Usa, vip-Tenchou, Lon, Hanatan, Sekihan, Nodoame
頒布スペース / 12/31(金) 東4ホール “リ” 55a 『Last Note.』
^ AAAAH, DO WANT.  And +1 for Neko~

Circle: Hijoushoku
Release Title: ??? (Drama CD)
Members: Soma, Shirokuro, Riseha, jonyh, amu, Reji
^ just making a note of this, don’t think I’d get.

Circle: GARNiDELiA
Release Title: ???
Members: MARiA

Circle: うさころにー (usacolony)
Release Title: Marble
Space: 東シ74ab
Price: 500


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