C79 loot~!

Figured I should make a new entry here, heh.  I won’t bother going into full details about fuyucomi because I’ve said it almost everywhere (‘cept for tofu’s blog… hm).

But anyway, I figured I may as well upload photos of my loot~  (as for photos of the stuff I got on behalf of friends, they’re on my twitpic)

The colours are OH SO WONDERFUL because I took them inside the hotel room with my not-so-nice camera… and everything just went wheee ‘cos of the bed~

^ impulse buys.  =’D  I wasn’t gonna get them but the queue for Gift wasn’t very long and I saw the takoluka plushies….. AND THEN SENJOUGAHARA PLUSHIE… aaaaaaah.

^ I blame the takoluka bag on Syaoyue.  D:  Wasn’t gonna get it but then…. IT LOOK NICE.  ;w;

Anyway, the CD’s are (in clockwise, starting from top left):

  • Last Note, Vocalize
  • Hiwaily*2, mu
  • forest, marble

^ this is the extra thingy that came with Vocalize.  Signatures of all the singers!


3 thoughts on “C79 loot~!

  1. OMG I’m so jealous I live in Canada and i can’t find anywhere to buy or download GARNiDELiA ONE and Last Note Vocalize I seriously want them if you can rip them and upload them I’d love you forever and I wouldn’t share them with anyone unless you say so so PLEASE I BEG YOU HELP ME OUT XD

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