Anime: spring thoughts

Eh, seems like I didn’t do an entry for spring at all.  =O  As in, when spring preview came out, I didn’t type up a list of stuffs I’d like to check out!?  I thought I did…

But anyway, felt like typing an entry for the sake of typing something, heh.  I still have yet to finish off anime from this season but I may as well mention my general thoughts/reactions to the series I’ve been watching?

Also: I fail at writing stuffs like this.  Guess you can say that this is more for my own sake?  I had wanted to compare this with my list from back when previews came out but noooo, I never did one for spring.  =(

> Ao no Exorcist

Think it was during Star Driver that they kept on showing previews of this.  It sure looked interesting and nice animation quality so I picked up on it.  =O  Sure enough, it maintained my interest~  Though I do wish it wouldn’t drag out stuffs or insert random, silly fillers.  With that said, I can see some sort of main storyline developing now.

Apparently it’s spread over two seasons so I’m almost halfway through it?  Hm… do wonder how the story will continue to develop.  I hope that it doesn’t disappoint me.

> Hanasaku Iroha

I got biased by tofu to watch this.  He’s been looking forward to it looong before it started airing – think it was due to the seiyuu?  And maybe the art style?  Hm… dunno.

To be honest, it’s pretty, uh… silly?  Well, something that I can’t take too seriously.  It’s not exactly silly in the sense of comedy.  I don’t know how to word this properly, haha.  But it’s something that I don’t mind watching to relieve my boredom.  Animation’s pretty as well~ Though sometimes Ohana can annoy me.

But yeah, overall, it’s been kinda ‘meh but still enjoyable’ to me?  o.o  I think I had higher expectations and was let down… but by a bit.  It’s definitely aimed more towards guys w

> Gintama’

OH MY GOD.  GINTAMA RETURNS.  THE EPICNESS.  OH GOD.  I AM SO HAPPY.  I DON’T THINK I NEED TO SAY ANYMORE.  If you’re a Gintama fan, YOU WILL BE HAPPYYYYY.  Otherwise, if you’ve never seen Gintama before, you’ll need to watch the first 201 eps.  >.>!

> Steins;Gate

Decided to try out ‘cos Miyuki had wanted to play the game so that must mean story’s okay, right?  Hm…  So far it’s been pretty good.  =O  Rather confusing at times too and Okarin is such a crazy nutter, haha.

I’ve seen up to ep 12 AND OH GOD, THAT EPISODE.  ;A;  I don’t know how things will turn out from here since I don’t play the game.  Apparently it has another season to go too so…. hm, hopefully they’ll wrap up the ending well.

> C: the Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Picked it up ‘cos it’s one of the noitaminA series.  The concept is interesting but it sure is kinda confusing.  Somewhere in the middle, I had no idea where the story was going to take us.  I mean, I knew what the overall theme was meant to be about – the future, money, the present, etc.  But by end of ep 9, it looked like it was finally heading towards somewhere.  And ep 10 = yup, you can feel the end in sight.  I have yet to see ep 11 though.

> Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai
aka. ano hana

I wasn’t gonna watch this at all.  Sure it’s also another noitaminA show but wasn’t gonna pick it up due to the ‘drama’ factor.  Reading over the summary felt like it was gonna be too heavy for me and too much drama.  BUUUT I’m glad that I decided to try it out anyway after friends said it was good.

OH BOY, IT’S SO GOOD.  It’s probably the best show for me from this season.  The drama’s not exactly, uh, that much of a drama.  It was more of an emotion thing?  So much sadness.  ;A;  Made me tear up a few times (then again, I cry easily).  It’s one of the few shows where I’d keep up with watching it on a weekly basis~ =D

I think I can safely say that this was the one series from this season that I didn’t expect it be so good.  Aaaah, so much awesomeness.

> Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Picked it up ‘cos of SHAFT w  Sure it’s adorable and all but by ep 4, I got bored of it and stopped watching.  I’m planning to finish the rest of it in one go.  I’m hoping it picks up later on.  @.@

> Maria Holic Alive

Mm, another series where I’m not keeping up with it.  It amuses me and all but sometimes I just can’t stand Kanako.  @.@   However, episode 6 WAS SO GOOOD.  YAY FOR SUGITA (no I’m not biased).  But yeah, I’ve seen the first season, enjoyed it and decided to continue with the second~  Guess I’ll finish it off when there’s nothing else to do/watch?

> Deadman Wonderland

I’ve read the manga for this though I need to catch up again.  Pretty epic stuffs.  Anime’s been following with the manga rather closely though it’s been speeding some stuffs up.  =O  The censoring of rude/swear words amuses me w

> Tiger & Bunny

Dunno why I decided to try it out.  But it sure is a pretty awesome series too.  Along with anohana, it’s one of the few series I keep up with (the other being ao no exorcist).  Interesting take on the whole ‘hero’ idea.  And it sure makes a certain side of me go wheeeeee wwww

Still another half season to go!  It better continue to be awesome!  >w<)b


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