Anime: Autumn~!

Random Curiosity’s preview for autumn season.

Definitely watching:

  • Bakuman 2
    ‘Cos I saw the first season and was okay with it.
  • Working 2
  • Tamayura ~hitotose~
    I saw the OVA and liked it so I’ll watch it.  Hoping it doesn’t get too slow though.

Trying out:

  • Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
  • Phi Brain
  • Kimi to Boku
  • Persona 4
  • Last Exile -Ginyoku no Fam-
  • Ben-To
    Story sounds ridiculous so I’ll try it!?
  • Mirai Nikki
  • UN-GO
    Trying it out just because it’s in the noitaminA slot
  • Guilty Crown
    Same reason as above.

Hm, feels like I’m trying out most of the series this season.  “OTL


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