Reorganised my shelf!

Heh, it’s been a while since I last did a post here.  I noticed I had a draft post for 2012 wonfes (winter) but I never posted it, oops.  I’m not even sure on what to use this blog for but I guess I’ll continue with the figures/anime stuff.

Anyway, I finally cleaned out my bookshelf and placed my CDs and figures there~  Photo time!  inb4 this turns into photoblog #2.


^ Current shelf set-up.  I’ve re-organised which books get to be put there and also moved my JP CDs as well!  I guess when I get more CDs, I’ll move a book over to the bookshelf in my bedroom…. I have quite a lot of old books in the storage room thing, heh.  They’re mostly books from my primary school days~

Also: I love that Gin-chan!Elizabeth plushie.  A friend bought it for me from Japan.


^ yep, Kaito is wearing a beanie.  I attempted to knit one and it’s kinda wonky but okay looking once worn?




^ These two used to sit next to my comp.  I’m not sure if I’ll put them back there again so… they’ll stay here for now.


My CD collection:


^ I really wanted to put figma Rin on the edge of the bookshelf.  She seemed kinda stable there but I fear her falling off…


^ My attempt at arty-farty photo by tilting things and abuse shallow DoF \o/

As for the rest of my figures, they’re either in boxes or hanging on my desk such as Yuki Miku 2012, Sakura Miku and Tachikoma. I’ll be putting both Miku’s into their own boxes after I’ve done a proper shoot with them.


^ Please excuse my quick photo on my desk though… normally I’d get some white paper as a ghetto reflector.


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