Artbooks: Mawaru Penguindrum & Hatsune Miku

I don’t own much artbooks but within the first 2-3 months of this year, I bought two artbooks.  Prior to this, the only one I owned was Miwa Shirow’s VVW which was a thin A4-sized book from Comiket.  And now I have two decent sized artbooks: Mawaru Penguindrum Hoshino Lily Artworks and Hatsune Miku Graphics Character Collection CV01.


Such pretty art by Hoshino Lily!


A collection of Hatsune MIku artworks by various artists.

I ended up buying Hoshino Lily’s Penguindrum artbook since it was still in stock on CDJ plus I was also buying something else from there anyway.  I saw it in HK and was tempted to buy it but…. it’s overpriced, heh.  So when I saw it was still in stock on CDJ, I immediately added it to my cart.

I’m not too familiar with Hoshino Lily’s works – I bought it mainly ‘cos I loved the anime series, Mawaru Penguindrum, and I liked Hoshino Lily’s art for this series.  Please excuse my shoddy photos of the artbook, XD;;

I love how the cover has embossed stars and words~




The entire cover.

The artbook’s divided into four sections: illustration gallery, end card gallery, character design and special contents which includes an interview and a two-page comic.




I didn’t like how they chopped up my favourite end card image into three sections.  I don’t get why they didn’t try fit onto a doublespread or do a pullout?


The next page has the entire image fitted on one page but it’s kinda weird how they did this…


There’s character sketches for all the characters – even the Takakura parents and the Mario boy.
(and my shoddy photos of the artbook continues, wheee… “orz  Maybe I should just use my phone next time or the P&S camera.  Also photoshopping these photos of sketches is hard)

Kanba and Shouma

Kanba and Shouma




Shouma, d’aaww~

Himari.  I like how San-chan gets a matching outfit too!

Himari. I like how San-chan gets a matching outfit too!


Sanetoshi looking ikemen there with shorter hair *A*

Overall, I like this artbook~  Such pretty drawings plus the book smells nice too.  So happy that it was still in stock at CDJ!

The other artbook I bought was the Hatsune Miku Graphics Character Collection CV01.  I found it at HK’s Animate at a pretty decent price.  And then I later realised I got the TW/HK version therefore it was cheaper than buying the JP version in HK… heh.  It doesn’t bother me because there’s not that much text anyway and I can’t read Japanese or Chinese.  The artists’ names are kept in Japanese though.

As mentioned, it’s just a collection of fanarts.  There’s a url for each artist so you can check out their works online.  I’m not too familiar with Vocaloid artists so getting the book could get me to know more…?  Hm…  I did recognise some of the artworks and artists in the book though.






There was also an HK/TW version of the Kagamine Rin/Len collection.  I had considered buying it too but ended up not getting it.
….maaaaybe I should’ve.  Animate was doing a further discount too (5% off, I think?).  Luka’s artbook wasn’t out in Chinese yet otherwise I would’ve bought that too.  I think.  Hm.  Money… @.@


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