Miniature doughnuts

So… I tried making kracie’s happy kitchen doughnuts set yesterday.  I’ve made their hamburger set before which was kinda fun and interesting… in terms of taste.  That one required microwaving but this doughnuts set doesn’t need it at all~


My Kaito’s have come to cheer me on!  Maybe…. or they just want to eat…


Instructions are simple enough – just add water and mix things!  But mixing the dough to the right consistency was kinda hard… probably because I got the water amount wrong even though I followed it?  Aahhh, I’m not sure… the normal dough fell apart somewhat easily whereas the chocolate one felt more damp in comparison…!?


Ah, and I fail at dividing things evenly.  =’D  I’m no rrcherrypie… “orz  My Kaito’s continue to cheer for me though!


“I think our master is going to fail miserably at this…”

Kaito’s… please have more faith in me ;w;


Bases are done!  A few of the doughnuts were pretty fragile and looked like they’re gonna fall apart… especially the half chocolate ones, oops.  Anyway, this part wasn’t too bad!  I thought it’d be like making the hamburger buns where I had to microwave them but nup, just mix stuff together then push them into the plastic moulds.


“Master, fight-o!!”

Okaayyyy, next part was the icing and decoration.  Boy… the icing is super sweet but chocolate is niiiice, haha.  Also, I should’ve just piped everything from the so-called piping bag, from vanilla to strawberry then chocolate.  It’s much easier that way compared to using the mini plastic spoon they provide.  Aaannnd a reminder that I need to cut the hole small for the piping bag.  @.@



Some of the doughnuts were complete failures with the icing but otherwise, it doesn’t look too bad once I add all the decoration bits!  Of course, nowhere near as neat as rrcherrypie’s…


"Yaaay, master did it!!"

“Yaaay, master did it!!”

And the Kaito’s rejoice!  Oh boy, it sure took a lot longer than expected to make this.  It was a lot more fiddly than making the hamburger set since this doughnuts set requires decorating.  I still have kracie’s popin’ cookin’ curry set to make.  I’m… hoping that one is easier…

PS. Next time for photos, bring a flashlight too.  Lighting’s not the best unless I open up aperture nice and wide and suffer shallow DoF.

And here’s the daily figure photo that I took yesterday.  Ahhhh by the time I finished making the doughnuts, the sun was dying so… natural lighting in the kitchen wasn’t the best =(


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