Battler is such a pervert.


Recently, I finished playing Umineko no Naku Koro ni.  I’ve seen the anime before, partly because I knew it was the same writer (Ryukishi07) as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni which I enjoyed.  I’ve never played the game for Higurashi and only saw the anime but I’ve dug up enough about the game to gather the fact that they’ve missed out on a lot of details for the Higurashi anime.  Nonetheless, I really liked the whole story/setting/etc. for Higurashi so when I heard that Umineko was also written by Ryukishi07 and was also getting animated, of course I’d want to watch it!  There’s probably no hope for a second season so I was really glad that I managed to get my hands on Umineko the game~

I didn’t remember much of the anime but as I played, I slowly remembered more.  And my god, episode 4 was really long. @.@;;  After a certain point, I honestly don’t remember any of the events happening in the anime.  I’m not sure if it’s cut out, or shortened or just briefly mentioned… or I simply forgot, heh.  But oh boy, episode 4 was really long.

Anyway, I digress.  This isn’t meant to be some game review but just a post on how I had forgotten how pervy Battler is!  Oh boy, the things he says… all the boob comments!!  I couldn’t help but to screenshot his pervy comments.  XD  More screenshots from ep 1 to 4 under the cut~

So, continuing on from the first screenshot:


^ Jessica, you really are such a lady in your speech.  XD  It doesn’t really translate well into English but in Japanese, Jessica’s meant to speak… more boyish?  More rough?  Like a male!?


^ Kumasawa wants boobie rubbing too but Battler likes bouncy ones.  I forgot which episode it was… end of episode 3 or was it episode 4? where Beatrice points out that Battler likes bouncy blonde girls.  I didn’t take a screenshot of that, oh well.


^ I CAN’T BELIEVE BATTLER ACTUALLY SAID THAT TO MARIA TOO.  I know he’s joking and all but… loooool, oh Battler.  OH BATTLER.

…and this was all from the beginning of episode 1!  Oh boy.

So progressing to the tea party bit for episode 2…


^ Out of context, this line is just so… what on earth are you talking about, Battler!?  I remember a friend of mine quoting the last line back when the anime was airing and I wasn’t too sure where it came from.  Now I know.  XD

But anyway, the context is that after episode 2, Beatrice ties Rosa in purgatory (?) and forces her to eat a banquet of her own relatives, including Maria as dessert.  Battler then butts in with that line above, referring to Beatrice, of course.

And then he adds:



Moving onto ep 3, there’s only one line that made me facepalm.  It wasn’t from Battler though!  I think it’s from his dad… which then makes sense.


….uh, yes.  >.>;

Onto episode 4!  So for the next one, the context is that Battler was given food but one of the purgatory sisters stole his food instead.


^ So Battler, you’re that hungry to ignore thighs, eh?

And I had truly forgotten about the existence of Gaap until I reached episode 4.  OH MY GOD I still can’t get over her design.


There’s a slit running right down her dress and apparently she doesn’t wear underwear either!?


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