Umineko: HOLY CRAP EP 5

Indeed… as someone said, episode 5 = the beginning of intense feels.  Oh god… OH GOD.  I also went… screenshot crazy, oops.  Anyway, I didn’t intend to make an entry just for episode 5 of Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru but… there’s just so many screenshots I took compared to eps 1-4 that I’d better put this all in one entry.

And there’s no Battler perviness, lol.  Anyway, spoilers ahead!

Holy crap there was so much Battler + Beato moments in this episode!!
Context: Battler jumped from the 3rd storey window of Kinzo’s study room.




MY GOD BATTLER HOW… SUAAAVE YOU ARE.  This makes me wonder about Kinzo when he was younger… However, this is Battler the gamepiece who was probably controlled by Lambda at this point…. So it’s not really Battler but at the same time, this gamepiece would act within Battler’s personality so there’s still a chance that real Battler would’ve done this!!

And then….



OH GOD BATTLER YOU’RE KILLING MEEEE.  Aahhh Battler is somehow all cool in Lambda’s game, haha.  And then… ALL THE BATTLERxBEATO MOMENTS!!  *w*)b

Anyway, moving along towards the end of the episode, where ALL THE INTENSE FEELS BEGIN!!


JUST WHAT THE FRICK, ERIKA?  She placed her ear on the wall between her room and the cousins’ room to listen out for anything weird happening all night.  Creeper Erika! D:

Oh man… Erika’s personality is terrible (as expected since she’s a double of Bernkastel, heh) and… I can’t get myself to like her completely.  She’s very arrogant and confident with her skills – and rightly so because she is smart.  But she’s also a very sore loser.

Moving along!


^ Just what is up with their relationship!?  Haha.  I… just don’t know how to take this aside from being extremely tsun!?  And Beato, please don’t make that expression.  It hurts me.  =(

Ah, and then this:


GODDAMN YOU ERIKA AND BERN FOR PUTTING FORWARD THIS TWISTED TRUTH.  Aaahhh, all the inner raging I did at the two for doing such a thing.  Poor Natsuhi!  This truth is just so twisted and… uuuugh.  When Beato was defeated, I kept on calling out for Battler to do something but he couldn’t so then this twisted truth became the ‘real’ truth and Battler ended up being pierced by the red longsword and ‘died’.

The tea party section was pretty short and followed on from the end of ep 5 with Erika being called a temporary Witch of Truth.  BUT OH MY GOD, THE ???? SECTION JUST… KILLED ME WITH MORE INTENSE FEEEELS.





This above screenshot was from Battler’s memories and… Battler, you’re slow.  Though I agree with Virgilia’s comments too – SO MUCH TSUN.



^ Haha, call her a ‘tsundere’ indeeeeed.  D’aw, Beato~~  But Battler’s last line is just sadghpaoisdaj

So Battler finally figured out the ‘truth’ and wakes up to…



He then tries to grab her but she has already ‘died’ and this is her crumbled self left behind?  Either way, she scatters and disappears and BATTLER, OH BATTLER, WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW!!  Oh god, that scene was so sad.  Poor Beato!  Poor Battler… =(  He managed to get a retrial and prove Natsuhi’s innocence but it was too late for Beato.

All the events in this ???? section made me want to continue onto episode 6 as soon as I can, haha.  Aaahh, Umineko is sucking up my time away!  Episode 5 sure is a great start to the second half of this series!


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