Miniature curry set

Yep, I did more miniature food stuff.  This time it’s kracie’s popin cookin curry set.  It’s a lot easier than the doughnuts one as it is less fiddly and just… well, add water!  I think this is their first set where it’s not gummy?  I’ve tried their sushi set before which was just sugar overload.  It was kinda messy and hard to make it nicely so I don’t think I’d ever try their lunch box set.

Anyway, onwards with photos!


Chiaki joins us this time!

They changed packaging which I reckon is a smart move.  It’s a lot cheaper plus… inside the cardboard box, there’s a plastic packaging like the above anyway.


Without her curry fairy, can she make it on her own?

Actually, Chiaki is a decent cook to begin with but anyway…

So, time to make rice first.  Rice for the sushi set was just… @.@  All I remember is sugar overload, sugary smells and… eh.  This time, it just tastes like soggy rice!?  But yeah, same deal – just add water and keep on mixing it around.  It’s kinda interesting how it forms little lumps.


Pretty neat how it sort of looks like rice


“Where’s the currry!?”

Before we go to curry, let’s make the croquette stuffs!  There’s no mould so you just make whatever shape you want, really.  I just made whatever they had on the cover XD


The… uh… crumb? part of the croquette was pretty fun to make.  There’s a little plastic bag full of little balls that you then crunch up so it becomes kinda powdery?  You have to do it whilst its in the bag and it’s pretty fun squishing the balls – kinda like popping bubble wrap!  After that, you pour it out and roll the croquette bits to give it that deep fried look.


Finally, we make curryyyyy!  Just add water, just add water~  And stiiirrr!  Though I might’ve added a bit too much water.  It wasn’t look as thick as the images on the packaging so I kept on stirring and stirring since it was so runny.  @.@  Eventually it got thicker but still not like in the images.


Click for larger image~

After curry’s made, it’s just a simple matter of putting it all in the bowl~


It kinda looks okay…?


Everything’s done now, Chiaki!

Then plonk the croquettes into the bowl as well~


Chiaki approves (let’s pretend she has a thumbs up. Maybe I should’ve photoshopped it in)

I ate it and… it actually doesn’t taste too bad!  The curry’s on the sweet side which is typical of Japanese curry, I guess.  As I’ve mentioned before, the rice is like soggy rice and the croquettes do taste like potato.  It’s not bad at all!  No sugar overload is always good~



4 thoughts on “Miniature curry set

    • HOW COME I CAN’T REPLY TO YOUR LATEST COMMENT!? D: Either way: fair enough (‘cos I can also get real curry for cheap over here too~ Um, I think a small is $2.90 which is roughly 290 yen. A small is okay for me already~)

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