Umineko: Eps 6 – 8

I finished this a while back and OH BOYYYY, WOW…. boy it’s amazing!  I can’t wait for the PS3 patch for chiru because voicesssss.  I’d love to re-read ep 7 with voices!  Anyway, after finishing all of it, I was kinda lost and… this series is really something where you should sit down and think about it before launching into the next ep.  At least that’s what I think would be the best so you can test out your own theories?  Either way, it’s definitely worth re-reading it which is what I’ve been doing (with the PS3 patch too!  The voices add a lot).  Now that I know many things now, re-reading ep 1 is a completely different experience but, eh, I’ll make a blog entry on that later.

Anyway, time for random screenshots I took (and there’s a lot in here):


Erika’s love for chopsticks is just so adorable

Yep, spoilers beware.  Let’s begin with ep 6 screenshots.


Pfffttt you sisters

AND THEN THIS PART IN EP 6, MY GOD.  Erika, you truly are nuts.



Goddammit Erika, you really are nuts… @.@;; Firstly you listen to Battler sleeping all night and now this!?


Poor new!Beato =(


Battler lovin’ dem boobs at a young age already.


George, you’re 23 and you sleep at 7!? Surely your mother lies.


Wait… what, Bern!?


Sexy Battlerrrrr

Now for ep 7 screenshots!  Pretty much all the answers are given in this episode, aside from what really happened on the island.  SO MANY INTENSE FEELINGS FOR THIS EPISODE.  Hearing it voiced would be… my god,  absolutely wonderful.

Anyway, no surprises, we get new characters introduced in this episode.  LET THE BUTT PINCHING BEGIN!



I ship these two. 8D


Poor Beato#2 =(


Please no, Bern D:



Weellll, George is a dirty boy too, oh ho ho ho.  (Though if you think about it, if you assume this was 6 years ago, Battler was 12, Shannon was 13 (but pretending to be 10) and George was 17… UUHHH, GEORGE, NUP.  That’s just…. wrong at that age)

And then the tea party:


I was all: OH NO YOU DON’T, WILL.  Don’t you dare leave behind Lion!  Don’t you dare sacrifice yourself for Lion’s happiness!!  But then they got saved by Lambda, yaaaaay.

And now onto ep 8!  I somehow didn’t take too many screenshots… This epsiode also felt rather long.  So much happening… all this action as well!!  And… aahhhh, everything’s goooood.  *w*)b  You even get a small section where you get to be the detective!  I found that part pretty fun and got… pretty into it.

Firstly, I just want to point out just how adorable little Ange is.  She’s just soooo adorable!! >w<


It’s so nice to see Ange together with her brother as a 6 year old!  So cuuuute.


^ I AM NOT USED TO SEEING KINZO ACT SO… WAAARM.  It’s so weird… haha.  He’s all “OHH MARIAAA *KISS*” and being the typical lovely, kind-hearted grandfather who throws a Halloween party and has general fun with his family.  It’s just so weird seeing him like this after seeing how he was portrayed in the earlier episodes.


^ Battler sure is an overprotective brother.  It makes me wonder how he’d react to Amakusa hanging around Ange.  Hmmm…

And then I somehow stopped taking screenshots after this… haha.  Everything else that happens is just… quite a lot of action.

As memo (and record’s sake), links for my live commenting from plurk:

I’m amused that they got longer and longer.  XD  Then again, since I saw the anime, it’s only really from episode 5 onwards that are completely new.  With that said, there were quite a lot that got cut out from the anime for episode 4.


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