Figma Kaito and nendo temptations


So figma Kaito is up for pre-orders today and I’ll most likely pass it.  He doesn’t really look that great (especially his face) which is such a shame considering that it’s taken so many years for Max Factory to finally pump out a figma version of Kaito.  The nendoroid verson was out some time in 2009, from memory.  When previews of him were up, he already didn’t look that great so I had decided a while back that I wasn’t going to buy him.  Still not going to change my mind.  Apparently it’s 4000 yen retail which is just… what the hell because Kaito doesn’t really have that many props.  It doesn’t justify that retail price, in my opinion.

However, I do like his big scarf. =D

(edit: so he’s up for 3200 yen @ amiami and 3429 yen @ HS)


His happy face is adorable too


Of course he comes with his beloved ice-cream


The umbrella is a prop from yuki miku 2013.  I like that umbrella and I have that yuki miku pre-ordered, ufufufufufu.  Anywa, Kaito turns into a pretty plain and simple figma but there’s just something about his face that I don’t quite like….


That’s his singing face which is… kinda weird, haha.  I do like his happy face but considering that he’s meant to be 4000 yen retail when he’s that simple and barely any props, uh, no thanks.  Also figmas are pretty fiddly and I’m no good at posing them so I’ll stick with his nendoroid counterpart.

Anyway, chucking in links to mikatan’s entry on Kaito as well as figma blog’s entry.

Speaking of nendoroids, only yesterday did I realise that Frau from Robotics;Notes has a nendoroid!  I knew about the main girl having one but not Frau as well and I absolutely love Frau’s character.


She’s so cuuuute.  She also also comes with her hair down too!  She’s been released already and I’ll be in Hong Kong at the end of this month for two weeks so… I’m not sure if I’ll come across her.  And if I do, I don’t know if I really should buy her.  D:  She sure is tempting me… Frauuuuu!!

The other nendo tempting me (though of a lesser extent compared to Frau) is Miku 2.0.  Despite owning yuki miku 2011 and sakura miku, I don’t have a default Miku at all unless you count the bootleg one I received as a birthday present (well, I’m supposed to own the HMO Miku but a certain someone still has yet to send it to me and it’s been two years or so?  Haha, I’ve given up on nagging him about it because it’s meant to be a gift.  It feels awkward to ask him to send something that’s meant to be a gift…)

Anywaaay, Miku 2.0 has some slight differences and what I’m really liking  is this:


So cuuuuute


Yep, twintails that bend and a sitting body!  So cuuuuuute.  She also comes with instruments from the Project Mirai game.  Her first shipment is also this month then 2nd one being next month so… I don’t know if I’ll come across her in HK and, again, I don’t know if I should buy her.  I’ve been trying to hold back on spending money on figures as well because space is an issue, heh, and money too.  But then buying from HK means I save on shipping!  Plus I also own Rin/Len, Luka, Kaito and Gakupo nendo’s… I probably should get a default Miku… Ah, but once yuki miku 2013 comes, I’ll have three different Miku’s.

Aaaahhh nendoroid temptations!!


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