Loot! Phone accessories~

My amiami package arrived last Thursday, yaaay!  It’s the cheapest shipping I’ve had to pay in the past couple of years because it’s mostly phone accessories.  XD


Yep, I bought the entire set of the wanko earphone jack accessories.  I was so happy to find that they were going to produce dog versions of the nyanko ones!  Anyway, photos of my loot~

I bought the kyubey pouch thing as a late birthday present for a friend.  I thought it’d be a bit bigger because it comes with a strap so you can wear it as a bag.



It can fit my hand… @.@;;  But oh well, hoping my friend likes it!  The size is pretty small but I suppose you can put smaller things inside?  Things that may require some cushioning for protection…!?


I saw the Gintama pinched strap set on amiami when they were just up for pre-orders but didn’t pre-order any.  And then… I gradually began to regret it and wished I pre-ordered at least one.  So… after some time, I found out that Madao, Sa-chan and Kagura were still up for pre-orders!  Turns out that Kagura was the last one because it switched to ‘sold out’ after I added it to my April pre-order… No one seems to like Madao and Sa-chan, b’aw.  Actually, I think Pandemonium was also still up for pre-orders.  Hm…  Shinpachi would order the whole lot, oh ho ho ho.


↑ I’m thinking of giving these out as b’day presents~  Nyanko earphone jacks are so adorable, d’aawww.


The whole set

So adooorable.  I wish there was some kinda stand where I can display the earphone jack accessories, heh.  It’s kinda interesting seeing how there’s a boom in these sorts of phone accessories now that smart phones generally don’t have a space for phone straps.  However, I still see phone straps around on amiami… so maybe there’s still a market for those or they come with an earphone plug like the Kagura rubber strap?

And now for seemingly Samsung ads.


↑ It’s a pity that this one doesn’t fit my phone until I remove the case.  I thought even with just a back case, it can fit but it doesn’t.  B’aaawww.  This one is so cute though!  However, my phone’s somewhat big so… these dogs look pretty small on my phone. @.@;;


↑ I currently have the one on the right on my phone.  It looks okay size-wise with my phone, heh.  AND ALSO VERY ADORABLE.


↑ Unfortunately, the one on the right doesn’t fit my current phone case which has a flip cover.

And then there’s one more which I didn’t take a photo of it on my phone.  But aaahhhh, all these dog earphone jack accessories are so adorable!!  >w<  I hope they release more dog ones!


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