Mini danbo’s arrive!


My Revoltech mini danbo’s arrived last Thursday and oh my god they are so adorable! I ended up pre-ordering from CDJ since I missed out on amiami.  I saw them appear at night then I thought I’ll sleep on it and decide later if I do want one and… uh, next morning, they’re all gone.  =(  Downside for CDJ is that they used such a huge box for such small figures >.<;;

Anyway, I got the Calbee and Pepsi versions!  I wish I had enough money to buy all five…


The boxes they’re packaged in are really adorable too!  They look like normal parcels from the other sides and there’s a larger danbo face too!



They’re so cute!


And for size comparisons:


“Whoa, Miku is tall”


“W-wait, what, she shrunk!?”

They’re a tad smaller than nendoroids but obviously much bigger than nenpuchis.  I think their eyes light up too but I haven’t pulled the plastic thing so I can flick on the switch.

One thing that slightly annoys me is this… defect? on Pepsi!Danbo:


There’s a part of him that’s curled around his waist instead of sticking out straight like it should be.  It’s not really that bad but… I do notice my Pepsi!Danbo having a longer right leg so I wonder if it’s because of this curled piece… oh well.

But anyway, I’m happy to finally own a danbo!  I intended to get only one but then ended up getting another when I saw that the Calbee version somehow had one more spot left for pre-orders.  Perhaps someone cancelled it on CDJ… hm.  I don’t know if I’d get a normal-sized danbo.  Maybe if they re-release him again?  Either way, I’m satisfied with my two mini danbo’s. =D


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