Shingeki no Kyojin OST

I’m… somewhat tempted to get this CD after hearing the samples.  Through… particular means, I’m listening to the full album now and if it wins me over, I’ll go buy it.  These track names are…. interesting.

1.     attack ON titan [dramatic piece of music]
2.     The Reluctant Heroes
3.     eye-water
4.     立body機motion [this track is amazing!]
5.     counter・attack-mankind
6.     army⇒G♂ [that violin!!]
7.     Vogel im Kafig [nice gentle music with vocals as instruments. I like!]
8.     DOA
9.     凸】♀】♂】←巨人
10.     E・M・A [yet another orchestral piece that appeals to me]
11.     巨♀~9地区
12.     Bauklotze [female vocals!  nice song!  +1 like]
13.     2chi城
14.     XL-TT [dramatic orchestral music is dramatic]
15.     Call your name
16.     omake-pfadlib

Urgh, so indecisive over whether I’d like to buy it or not.  I do love the orchestral pieces!  (and I do have this bias for stringed instruments)


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