Madoka figures – maiko version

I’m not a huge fan of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica but goddaaaammn, these two figures look so nice!  They’re based off the same design and feature Madoka dressed in a maiko outfit.


So first up is a nendoroid version.  She’s an exclusive and can only be bought at either particular cons or at GSC’s online shop.  I really like her overall design and in nendoroid form, she’s so adorable!  Plus I really like that umbrella prop and can I has pls.



As tempting as she is, I’m going to have to say no.  Buying from GSC’s online shop means 2000 yen shipping.  “OTL  I don’t think I’d bother buying her from HK shops either since they’d most likely resell her at a much higher price.

Next up is a scale figure of the same design which is also by GSC.  No idea what her price would be… but my god, she sure looks nice as well!



Though there’s something… off? about her face.  It’s either this forced overly happy look or being really surprised and hiding that face by trying to look happy?  Eh… yeah, both options basically point to her happy face feeling somewhat forced.  That’s just me being nitpicky though.

(edit: haha, I looked up on her mfc page and people have commented on how she looks yandere in the promo photos but in real life, she looks cuter.  Well, that’s good to hear.)


As pretty as she looks, it’s pretty doubtful that I’d buy her.  I mean… I don’t know if she’s an exclusive or how much she costs.  On top of that, I rarely buy scale figures.  I’d be more likely to buy the nendoroid version but I’m sure her prices will be jacked up in HK just because she’s an exclusive and fairly popular (I think… at least the series is).


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