WonFes summer ’13: GSC only

I haven’t made a wonfes post for a while… I got lazy with making posts full of just links for last year’s wonfes, heh.  Anyway, I’ll be throwing in just GSC figures that interest me in this post.  MY GOD, THEY ARE KILLING ME WITH THEIR SHINGEKI GOODS.  AND THEN SHINKU NENDO!!

Here’s GSC’s list on their whl4u page which I think will disappear in time… but I’ll throw it here in case anyway.  I’ll be going through akibahobby’s wonfes coverage for image links instead.

  • [shingeki] Eren & Mikasa figmas.  I really like the set they used *A* I also love this photo because of the Titan GSC kept on taking photos of.  XD  Guh, I dunno if I’d want to get any of the figmas.  They seem so detailed yet fiddly @.@
  • [shingeki] of course Rivaille gets a figma too…. and the Colossal Titan!?
  • [shingeki] Mikasa gets a 1/8 scale figure.  Hoping she’ll be in an epic mid-action pose!  I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS, GSC.  ‘Cos then I’d be tempted to buy her.
  • [shingeki] Mikasa, Eren and Titan nendo’s. Not really interested in these.
  • [vocaloid] senbonzakura miku.  I’m not too sure what’s up with this image but… could it be figure versions of senbonzakura!Kaito, Rin and Len!?  If so, I’m kinda interested.
  • [SAO] this is one pretty Asuna sculpt *A* (BUT LOL @ THE ASUNA IN THE BACKGROUND)
  • [fate/stay night] GILGAMESH NENDO OH GOD
  • [robotics;notes] aaahhhh Frau 1/8, so prettyyy *A*
  • [bakemono] mayoi nendo, though I probably won’t get.  ABOUT DAMN TIME THOUGH since her figma was released a while ago.
  • [rozen maiden] SHINKU NENDO, DO WANT.

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