Loot: CDs & C84 goodies

This loot entry was originally meant to be two separate entries but, eh, why not put it all together!  The CDs were all from last month and C84 is this month.  For once, I didn’t get any CDs from comiket mostly because my friend didn’t attend day 3 and thanks to owning Reika’s shingeki photobook, I suddenly felt like trying to get more cosplay photobooks.  I wasn’t really interested in them before.

First up, my CDs:


….yeah, so I also threw money at a Kajiura live concert DVD.  I normally wouldn’t buy these because of the price but I got so excited over Kajiura’s live concert in HK next month that I felt like splurging money!?  And this costs more than my concert ticket…..


Finally hanatan’s Flower arrives! It was scheduled for an April release originally, then got pushed back to … May? and finally 31 July. Two CDs full of gorgeous hanatan’s voice. It’s so gooood! And typical of hanatan’s CDs, the artwork is absolutely beautiful~


It came with a poster too! I wasn’t expecting that.

Next up: Jiyuu e no Shingeki (i.e. both OPs from Shingeki no Kyojin) and the shingeki OST.  I just wanted to own Jiyuu e no Shingeki right after hearing the first OP.  I’ve never really heard of Revo’s music before but I liked what I heard!  Of course, I knew his songs tend to be… weird and unconventional…. and sure I was right about that when I heard the full version of Guren no Yumiya. However, I absolutely love the full version of Jiyuu no Tsubasa!

As for the OST, I wasn’t planning on buying it but after hearing the samples, I got tempted.  Then through particular sources, I listened to the full version and that convinced me to add that to my CDJ July order.  Oops.


From L to R clockwise: extra cover art featuring Sasha, Revo, and the art in the OST booklet/pamphlet thing.

In addition to that, I also bought another two CDs this month.  They’re western CDs though.  I rewatched Pitch Perfect and wanted to listen to its OST which… led to me buying it.  A similar scenario to the shingeki OST, heh.  And then Bruno Mar’s doo-wops & hooligans album was on sale.  I’m not really a big fan of him but I do like his songs and there’s five of them on the album that I know of so… why not buy it…!?

Now moving along to my C84 goods!  I had a list of 5 photobooks in total for my friend to try to get.  It’s not a very big list though since I’m not into the whole cosplay photobook thing yet.  My friend ended up getting only 3 but they were all the ones I listed as priority so I’m really happy he managed it!!


Firstly, that MidoTaka photobook featuring Touya as Midorima!!  She also had a Free! photobook but I didn’t quite like the overall feel of her friend’s Makoto… so I went for her Kurobas one instead.  I like the pairing and Midorima’s one of my favourite characters (megane is always a plus).  The photos also looked great too!




My friend told me he was juuuuust made it with buying this photobook.  By the time he got to Touya’s table, people were packing up already.  I’m so happy he managed to buy it because Touya’s cosplays are always so awesome!  *A*  I’ve been following her for years now.  I think I first came across her from Saya’s cosplays…?  Oh man… Saya, I miss her… ;w;

Next up is from the circle ‘Necostew‘ which includes Yun and Hatomune.  What got my attention was their Madoka photobook – they’re all photos of dioramas!  So much effort!  There’s so many details too plus I love miniatures and I reckon the graphic style really suits the anime’s art style.  There’s behind-the-scene photos on their website which shows the dedication that they put in.  I think… it’s all the photographer’s work?





The third photobook, Costadiorama, was also sold at necostew’s table.  It was sold previously at C81 and I knew about this photobook before, actually.  I think it’s the same photographer (Roku) but different cosplayers (I think) since it also uses the diorama style for its photos.  I really adored it and wanted to see more photos back then so to have a chance to own this photobook is just…..!!  Aaaahhh so happy!  >w<




^ I somehow really like that photo!  I just love all the effort this photographer puts into making dioramas to then take photos of.  I absolutely love the graphics style too.  *A*  Though I wonder if this photographer is going to release another one?  It’s called ‘Vol 1’ so…..!!

Anyway, these are the cosplay photobooks I currently own:


I’m not sure if I would delve into cosROMs since I think I prefer something physical.  I’m also not sure if I’ll try get more cosplay photobooks in the future either.  I most likely wouldn’t have bought these cosplay photobooks if it weren’t for my friend attending C84 so much thanks to him for getting all the ones I really wanted!

Aaaaaahhh, all the money I’ve been spending these past couple of months.  And I’m attending a doujin event tomorrow, haha.  Comic World HK, here I come!!  At least the plus side is that I can’t read Chinese so I wouldn’t splurge like crazy on doujins…..


2 thoughts on “Loot: CDs & C84 goodies

  1. Hi there!

    Can I ask where you got the poster for Hanatan’s FLOWER?
    It’s something I really wanted but I was under the impression that it was only available for walking into the actual stores in Kyoto.

    I’d like to know so that I might have a chance next time to get one ;__;.


    • I’ve replied to you via twitter already but just saying sorry for the late response since I was out at work and couldn’t reply ’til I got home. D:

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