Yuki Kajiura LIVE in Hong Kong


This concert was absolutely amazing! It says 2.5 hours but really… in total, half hour of waiting/MC talk?  Anyway, this all happened last night and I’m so happy I managed to attend!  I actually went alone… because I didn’t know anyone else in HK who’d be interested in going.  But that didn’t bother me because I still had such a fun time there!  The time went by so quickly though.  I believe this is the first concert that I really wanted to attend and actually did!  Anyway, please excuse my spam ahead.

When they first appeared, oh my god, the blue lights, their beautiful voices, the beautiful music – I actually felt like crying from joy.  I never understood why people would say that until this concert happened. I constantly kept on having shivers too because it felt so surreal to me.  And the music… everything… just everything was so beautiful.

The hall itself wasn’t too big (Rotunda 3 in KITEC) so even though I was sitting near the back, the stage itself was still somewhat big and the people didn’t seem too small.  On top of that, there were two screens on either side of the stage which was great.  The chairs were just… normal dining kinda chairs?  Apparently there were 1200 who attended but there’s probably 10-15 seats in front of me that were empty.  That’s the end section of the HKD780 seats, another HKD200 on top of mine.  Lucky me for sitting near the front of my section!

I really wanted to take photos but no one was doing it so I decided not to.  And no one was waving glow sticks either.  I found out at the end of the concert that it’s actually banned.  =O!  So I did a lot of arm waving to the beat of the music instead.  My right arm got so tired though, I don’t get how the front section people kept up with it.  I’d be sorta dancing around too and if I was sitting down, bopping around in my chair.  Luckily the girl to my right was also energetic so I didn’t feel like the odd one out.  The songs made me move along with the music so… how can I just sit still!?  I gotta at least sway with the slower songs too, heh.

I must make special mention to the violinist.  He was so good, oh my god… that violinist was so amazing!  Of course, I have a bias for violins since I play it too but anyway…  His applause was longer than the others when he was introduced somehow. XD  And he kept on twirling his bow during the applause too.

Oh, and I also must mention that Kajiura tried to speak some simple Cantonese phrases.  So cuuuute~  She’d say ‘thank you’ in Cantonese after each segment too!  Then later, Kajiura talked about the snowy skin mooncakes she ate that she found really delicious.  I think she wasn’t too sure on what they’re called?  So the audience was yelling the name in Cantonese and Keiko was trying to repeat what they were saying – ‘bing ping?’.  So cute!!  I cannot get over that, haha.  Later, same thing happened with this alcohol that Kajiura had but this time, it’s Wakana who tries to repeat the audience.  So cute hearing them trying to speak Cantonese!!

Anyway, the songs they sang, from memory, and not in order.  I probably missed out a few songs too:
(oh wait, here’s a setlist someone typed up in the canta-per-me forums)

  • The beginning of the end from Fate/Zero
  • In the Land of Twilight, Under the Moon, from .hack
  • Parellel Hearts from Pandora Hearts.
    This was the first song that made everyone stand up.  I wasn’t into the arm waving thing yet ‘cos it felt kinda weird and unnatural to me but then a couple songs later…
  • Toki no Muko Maboroshi no Sora from Ookami Kakushi.
    I knew this one and was one of the first to jump to my feet in my area.  And the arm waving thing just came naturally to me.  =D
  • Liminality from .hack
    Wakana’s part was amazingly amazing!  Her voice goes so high, my god.  So beautiful! *A*
  • stone cold from Sacred Seven
  • Distance from Gundam SEED HD Remaster
  • Mezame from Mai-HIME
  • The World from .hack
    I WAS SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS!  I haven’t heard it for ages and… oh my god, such nostalgia!  It was one of the first Kajiura songs that I got really addicted to.
  • Luminous Sword from Sword Art Online.
  • Credens Justitiam (aka Mami’s theme song) from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
  • The image theme of Xenosaga
  • Salvos nos (I think) from Noir
  • A song from Aquarion Age
  • A Kara no Kyoukai medley
  • Sweet Song from Xenosaga II

I was so happy to hear that they sang a range of songs from old to new!  There’s quite a few songs that they sang from the vol#9 live concert DVD.  If they sang Canta per me, it would make me sooo happy too because that’s also one of the early Kajiura songs I got addicted to.  THE STRINGS IN THAT SONG.

Despite going alone, I really enjoyed myself!  It was so fun singing along or dancing/bopping to the music.  Aaahhh I’m so glad I managed to attend this concert!  It felt so… surreal and magical that it actually happened, and that Kajiura, Wakana, Yuriko, Keiko and Kaori were standing on the stage in front, singing live.  Two hours went by too fast, and this included the encore part too.  We were clapping and saying ‘encore’ for what felt like such a long time.  @.@

After the encore segment, the Kajiura team took a group photo with the audience in the background.  XD  Group photo, huh.  I wonder how that photo looks like… hm.  (Edit: oh ho, it’s up on Kajiura’s blog!!)

At the very end, the… organiser/MC guy came onto the stage and said that apparently this concert was meant to happen last December!?  Then he asked if we wanted a Kalafina concert which, of course, we all happily shouted back yes.  I really hope it happens and that I manage to attend it!  More Kajiura is always appreciated!

Here’s links to Kajiura goods that I didn’t bother buying, heh.  CDs/DVDs & other goods


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