DRAMAtical Murder


Somewhat on a whim, I decided I’d go and play this game.  I have a friend who’s into it and she enjoyed it so… surely it’s good?  It’s the first time I played a BL VN and I really was not used to the sounds during the obligatory 18+ scenes. D:

Anyway, posting screenshots ahead which also means spoilers ahead!!
Long post is long too… oops.

There’s four routes and once you’ve finished all of them, you unlock the fifth route ie. the true route.  Each route didn’t quite answer all the questions, which is to be expected since there’s a true ending.  Story-wise, it’s nothing that amazing, to be honest… I think I just got spoiled by Umineko XD;;  Umineko’s storyline is just so amazing! *A*

I started with Koujaku’s route first since he’s the first guy to appear and looks… very ikemen.



He’s pretty much the childhood route.  His story is… eh, I dunno if I’d call it interesting.  It just didn’t really… flow well for me?  I think I’m really spoilt by Umineko, haha.  DRAMAtical Murder is a lot shorter so there’s not as much time to flesh out character’s back stories and development, etc.  Everything was just thrown at me towards the end of the route.  @.@;;




Koujaku blushing is so adorable too~


The good end and, yes, Aoba lets Koujaku cut his hair!! I like him with short hair.

The bad end for Koujaku is… wooooow, Aoba is so badass in it.  Other Aoba’s voice is very delicious, ufufufufufufu.

Moving along, next route I went with was Clear because he’s the next one who caught my attention!  He seems so silly and carefree and… OH MY GOD HIS ROUTE IS JUST… MY HEART.   HE IS SUCH A SWEET AND GENTLE BEING.  I actually felt that his route was better paced than Aoba’s as well.

Clear's first appearance - falling from the sky!

Clear’s first appearance – falling from the sky!

AND OH MY GOD CLEAR IN THAT NAKED APRON (NSFW).  I was laughing so hard when that happened.  I can’t believe Clear would do something like that just because he thought that was what every man wanted – someone in naked apron cooking breakfast.  XD


I was flailing my arms so much when this scene happened


Clear’s good end

I just love how he returns for the good end.  It mirrors how they first met, I think… “I heard your voice so I came.”  CLEAR, YOU ARE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND GENTLE PERSON.  Both him and Ren are the only two who didn’t force themselves on Aoba.  Though… Koujaku wasn’t being himself and Noiz… Aoba ends up going along with Noiz o.o

Speaking of Noiz, he’s the next route I went with.  At first, he was this kinda weird guy who has… weird taste in fashion… kinda kiddie too. o.o;; Then as I continued to read more, his character gradually appealed to me more!  Aaahhhh, he’s actually rather cute and kuudere (if that’s the correct term to use).

His scrap segment is pretty annoying @.@;;  All the questions you gotta answer.  Koujaku’s one was really easy, then next one would be Mink’s.  Clear’s wasn’t obvious… I didn’t know you had to not choose an option. D:


I forgot what was happening here… but it’s one of those scrap moments


I flailed my arms at this part. NOIZ IN A SUIT. NO PIERCINGS. A SUIT. MY GOD.



I saved the least liked for last – Mink.  Heh…. I really didn’t like how forceful and violent he was and…. he pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the route until the very end.  I think his route may be interesting in the sequel, re:connect.  But for the first game?  Nope… not my cup  of tea.  Too forceful (pretty much rape) and I get that he probably was doing it to get Other Aoba out but still…

On the other hand, his Allmate is fabulous.  A fabulous pink cockatoo.

Now we move along to the true route – Ren!  I was wondering how it’ll happen since Ren only has a human form in Rhyme world.  And my god… my mind cannot… He’s essentially another part of Aoba so…  Aoba is pretty much having sex with himself in his mind during the obligatory 18+ scene.

Anyway, for his route, pretty much everything is explained.  The pace didn’t felt rushed and it’s a pretty good explanation…. aside from Ren.  I just cannot…. But then again, even though Ren was originally another side of Aoba, he gradually split off and became recognised as a separate entity.  And at the very end, he becomes a real person!



But before that part happens, it was pretty sad seeing Aoba’s twin fading away right after finally meeting each other again.  And then when he accepts Other Aoba, he, too, fades away.  AND REN TOO, EVEN THOUGH HE PROMISED HE WOULDN’T.  It was sad but I didn’t tear up unlike Clear’s good ending.


mmm Other Aoba so hot

This game wasn’t bad and it’s pretty good for BL since it actually has plot!  Though it’s my first BL VN so I don’t have anything else to compare it with…. I do feel pretty satisfied with how things were explained in the true route though.  It’s a shame that some parts for the other routes felt pretty rushed – like Koujaku and Mink.  Their pasts were thrown at you towards the end.  Sure, Koujaku did show some hint at dislike towards the yakuza but the main bulk of it was all at the end of his route.

Character-wise, my favourite is Clear, hands down.  I still love Koujaku, Noiz and Ren.  But just not Mink, haha.  Clear’s my favourite route as well, oh ho ho~  And then next one would be Ren’s.

…Anyway, I’ve rambled on for long enough.  At first, I was going to make an entry for two routes at a time, leaving the true ending to have its own post.  BUT THEN I GOT LAZY, yaaaay.  I’m looking forward to playing re:connect, whenever the translation is finally finished!

The bonus CG after completing all the routes. I love this one to bits~

The bonus CG after completing all the routes. I love this one to bits~


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