CWHK36 loot + other loot


Because I got so lazy with taking photos and editing photos, I ended up merging two loot posts together, heh.  But anyway, CWHK36 (Comic World HK) was a pretty big doujin event back in 25th August.  It covers three floors/halls of KITEC and oh my god, it was really exhausting looking at each table on each floor.  By the time I was done with the halls, I didn’t have much energy leftover to wander around outside and ask to take photos of cosplayers.  I was just so exhausted that I could not be bothered and I ended up taking only three photos.  I uploaded two on my photoblog here.

The secondary loot is just various things I’ve bought at Mongkok as well as an artbook I got from CDJ.  Photos under the cut!  Also please excuse my weird colour editing at times.

So here’s my actual loot from CWHK36:



Rubber straps, plastic keychains and sticky notes!

I wanted to buy Armin rubber strap but he was sold out by the time I reached the table.  It would’ve been nice to have the trio in the same art style too.  =(   AND I WAS SUPER HAPPY TO FIND ONE PUNCH MAN GOODS!!


Close-up of the Vocaloid keychains. I had to hold back from buying more.


The above is a small collection of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai fanarts where all the characters are in cosplay.  I really liked the idea and the art inside was nice so I decided to throw money at it.  Here’s a couple of samples:


Sword Art Online


BlazBlue… with Yuuta as Bridget AHAHAHAHA


Mawaru Penguindrum

Moving along, I bought this Vocaloid set which included a paper bag that I threw away because I found it too bulky, heh.  The size was too wide and shallow and featured the same art in the book.  I wanted to buy just the artbook but you had to buy the entire set which included 2 CDs (one of them is Vocaloid music, not sure about the other… I still haven’t heard the CD’s yet), the artbook and six postcards.


The entire set

The artbook is pretty neat!  The foreground is printed on transparency paper so you can lift it and see that gorgeous background underneath!  Really, it’s the detailed backgrounds that got me.  The artworks are just so pretty!  It’s a shame that the foreground sometimes turn out too dull, colour-wise.  But on the other hand, some of the artworks were printed again as postcards.






CDs + postcard set


Postcards which repeat most of the drawings in the artbook


A close up of three of them

Such a gorgeous collection of artwork in that Vocaloid artbook!  The book itself is pretty big in size – maybe around A3 size?  But narrower than A3… hm….

Moving onwards to the loot I’ve accumulated from trips to Mongkok over the past couple of months and an order from CDJ!


All of the loot together


Bought these from Animate. I was so happy to find mameshiba x gintama goods!


Alpacasso plushies & 40mP’s latest album

I wanted to find the blue and purple alpacsso’s from the fresh soda series but couldn’t find them on both my trips to Mongkok.  On the first trip, the usual plushie shop didn’t have them yet and on the second trip, the shop was closed.  So what did I do?  Buy blue alpacasso’s from older series!  I’m trying to collect as many blue alpacasso’s as I can but not going to really go out of my way to buy them.


I saw that Ayase strap from Animate and I just had to buy it as a present for a certain someone.  XD  Partly for lulz, heh.  But I’m finding the mini handcuffs to be cute just because they’re miniature so… if I see them at Animate at my next trip to Mongkok, then I’ll buy them for myself, heh.  I do like Ayase as well!


Adekan & Luka artbooks

The Adekan artbook (left) was what I bought from CDJ.  The art’s so gorgeous and pretty and the colours AND THE DETAILS!!  Everything’s just so beautiful about this artbook that I’m planning to get the artist’s other artbook from CDJ as well, heh.

And on the right is Megurine Luka Graphics Character Collection CV03 which I bought from Mongkok.  It’s the HK/TW version therefore all the Chinese.  I had wanted to buy this before but it wasn’t out in HK/TW back then so I ended up getting Miku’s.  Now I have Luka!  And… I should probably buy Rin/Len as well, if I see them at Mongkok.  Then I have the full collection!  I’ll make a separate entry for these two artbooks later.

Okay so that’s my loot for for the past couple of months.  Next doujin event is CWTHK4 which is next weekend!  This time I’m going alone as my friend can’t make it so hopefully I can manage by myself.  I should be fine anyway.  And then there’s a Shingeki no Kyojin Only event next month!  I’m rather interested in attending this so I’m hoping my friend can make it.  It’s held elsewhere as it’s a much smaller event so… yes… having someone else with me would be much appreciated!


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