Nendo & Figma Temptations

So I decided to randomly make an entry about three potential figures that may have my money.  Actually, one of them is confirmed… Shinku nendoroid!  I muuust buy her!  Mayoi nendoroid is up for pre-orders tomorrow, I think, and she’s pretty tempting.  Then I’m wondering if I should bother with a Shingeki figma at all, hm.


Aaaah Shinkuuuu.  When she was announced in wonfes, I had a pretty big feeling I’d want to throw money at her and boy, I was right.   As soon as I saw the colour sample, I just had to buy her!  She’s so adorable and comes with her suitcase too!!  (Which also makes her a pricier nendoroid, eek).  God knows what I’ll do if GSC decides to pump out the other 6 rozen maidens.


I don’t think you can close the suitcase with her inside though, which is a shame.  But yes, I’m definitely going to buy her when I see her in HK!  I’m hoping her price won’t be bumped up too high,  My gut feeling is that it shouldn’t… she’s not like a certain green/teal coloured twintail girl.

Next up is Mayoi nendoroid which got announced today via Kahotan’s blog that she’s up for pre-orders tomorrow (I think?).  And oh boy she’s a cutie in nendoroid form (but then everything becomes cute as nendos).


I have the figma version of her so I’m wondering if I should get the nendoroid version too, hm…. I also wonder if she comes with an umbrella like her figma counterpart?  I guess I’ll see how much she sells for in HK before deciding if I want to buy her or not.



Aahhhh but she’s just so cute!  I might cave in and buy her… we’ll see.  Space is an issue in HK so I have to limit my purchases.  I’m still looking into buying a scale figure but I’d rather save up for something pretty awesome like maybe that Mikasa GSC 1/8.

Speaking of shingeki figures, I still don’t know if I’d want to buy a figma.  They’re so detailed considering their size but it also means they’d be very fiddly.  I also fail at posing figmas nicely as well.  @.@;;  But then… when they’re kinda small yet detailed, they come across looking rather cute. *A*  I think I’d pass on Eren so it’s either Mikasa or Rivaille.  Probably Rivaille… but then I wonder about the price since both characters are popular.


I guess I’ll wait until a Rivaille figma sample appears and then wait again and see how much he’ll cost.  I worry about his price since he’s a popular figure.  Mikasa has a second shipment which reflects her popularity so I’m wondering if they’ll do the same deal when Rivaille is up for pre-orders?  And having more spots for pre-orders would mean that the re-selling price shouldn’t be too high in HK, right?

Oh, I don’t know.  It’s a shame that it’s harder to cancel pre-orders via HS now.  I really don’t know if I’d want to buy a shingeki figma.  I guess it all comes down to how the scales look like and their cost?

Shinku nendoroid definitely has my money so we’ll see how things go from there.  Yuki miku 2014 aka mahou shoujo version is going to tempt me soooo badly.


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