CWTHK4 & other loot


Heeee, I’m always so slow when it comes to loot posts.  CWTHK4 happened well over a month ago now.  And… what is with the names of these doujin events.  D:  First there was CWHK which I thought was related to CWT in Taiwan (I mean, it’s also called ‘Comic World’).  But along comes CWTHK which is organised by the CWT people so… uh… okay.

Anyway, because my usual con buddy wasn’t free that day, I went by myself.  I rocked up a bit after 1 pm and there was a bit of a queue for buying tickets but it wasn’t too long of a wait, thankfully.  Also, I’m glad CWTHK is just on one floor – CWHK was so tiring with checking out all three floors.  However, I still got pretty tired after looking at all of the circles and, as usual, not in any mood to take photos of cosplayers, oops.  There’s always too much to take in at these events.

Here’s my actual CWTHK4 loot:


First time buying doujins, haha!  I can’t read Chinese so I had to pick by the art.  The RinHaru Free! doujin turned out to be… uh, pwp, oops.  But the art style’s pretty though and they only had a limited number which started selling from 2 pm onwards.  I entered the doujin hall around 1:30 pm so not too long of a wait for me. =D

As for the EruRi Shingeki doujin, after flipping through the sample (with the 18+ pages taped together), I felt that there should be a pretty nice story between the two, since it touches upon the past.  I’ll be getting friends to translate that for me, ufufufufu.

The top left doujin is a Kimi to Boku artbook from this super popular Taiwanese table.  No sample to flick through and my gut feeling was that it’s mostly artworks which turns out to be true!  I absolutely love the art style.


Pretty Kimi to Boku artbook


There was one table that was really hard to get to thanks to all the girls constantly being right in front of it and browsing all the keychains and deco tape, etc. there.  Oh boy, it was a battle of a different kind…!?


I love these Free! keychains >w<


Deco tape!


Deco tape in action

I don’t think I’d get round to using all my keychains so I should think of a way to display them along with my rubber straps.  Deco tape is something I can slowly use in my diary/schedule but… eh, keychains and straps…

I also forgot to include this in the CWTHK loot photo:


Only the left one was bought at CWTHK.  I rarely buy art prints but the art is so pretty!  I wish there was a Clear one too (or perhaps all the dmmd characters?).  On the right is something given to me for free after buying Free! goods at Animate.

Speaking of which, here’s my other loot bought at Animate and various other places.


I ended up buying the Kagamine artbook just to complete the collection.  I also finally bought a nanoblock Christmas tree!  Translucent blocks are awesome.  I keep on missing out on buying them in HK since I usually return in late November and they’re sold during October.

My cosplay photobook collection continues to grow!  When Onnies mentioned she’d be selling her first photobook internationally as well, I caved in and decided to buy it too.  She’s one of the first cosplayers I stalked followed years ago and it’s great to see her still do her thing and having fun!


So many extras that came with the photobook!


Inside her photobook. It’s a collection of many of her cosplays.

Anyway, back to photos of the other loot:


I bought these at Animate.  Not sure where I can use Rei’s reidiant keychain.


More Gintama mameshiba, oops


The 8cm alpacasso I bought in Mongkok and the 12cm Ramune was from Rosy’s shop

Anyway, that’s enough loot for now.  I have more to post but I need to edit the photos first.  I hope I pump them out soon before I end up piling up all the loot into one post again.


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