Break the Wall -SnK only event-


Typical of Fishy, I post things late, yaaay. I went to the Shingeki no Kyojin only event back in November, which was called ‘Break the Wall’.  It was my first time going to one and, as I expected, the event itself was small.  It was located in two rooms connected by a very narrow corridor.  Shingeki doujins everywhere but mostly EreRi whyyyyy. I was hoping to see more goods of the other characters but it’s mostly the main trio and Rivaille.  Popularity sells better, heh.  This was the biggest point that let me down – barely anything of the other characters.

One cute thing the event added was mini-games you could play and when you win, you get to win a card…?  And then slowly win a collection of Shingeki no Kyojin cards?  I forgot how the whole thing went down but it was a pretty cute idea to have mini-games.

Despite being let down by a lack of variety (omg all the EreRi everywhere), there were two things that made me happy:

  1. There’s a popular table called Panda Project that sells overseas doujins (I think Taiwanese?).  I missed out on buying an EruRi one for a friend at CWTHK4 so I was really happy to find that they were selling that doujin here!  On top of that, they were selling another doujin that the same friend wanted and the queues were a lot shorter than at CWTHK!  Aahhh super happy~
  2. I stumbled across a table that was promoting an EreRi cosplay photobook (though the EreRi content is very light).  I took a pamphlet, checked out their website, photos look decent so I decided to pre-order it.  If I didn’t go to this only event, I wouldn’t have found out about this photobook.

Yes yes, despite feeling let down, I still had some positives!  I didn’t spend too long at the event – probably spent an hour or so, I forgot now.  I didn’t buy too much there though it’s more accurate to say most of the things I bought were for friends.

Anyway, time to show photos of my loot:
(Please excuse that shine on most of my photos.  I had to take them at night time and I used my phone’s flashlight as lighting source.)


These two doujins are for my friend.


And then these two are as a present for another friend.


These two are too cute >w<


I also bought one of these for myself.

After the event, I went off to Mongkok and ended up buying a couple more things for myself:


Yes, more gintama mameshiba

I’ve had a look at the upcoming only events and most are very fujoshi orientated, which is to be expected.  So far nothing that really catches my eye – maybe kurobasu but I’m not as into the fandom as before.  However, I’m curious about that Horror JP RPG one that’s happening later this year!  I think it’s an only event for any JP horror games made using the RPG maker which could turn out to be interesting.


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