2014 Yuki Miku

The 2014 yuki miku, magical snow version, is so adorable!  Actually, all the yuki miku’s are adorable.  Kahotan recently posted more photos of this yuki miku nendoroid and… what is this pretty book-like box!?


Such a pretty box design!  I guess GSC is making a special box for her like the previous yuki miku.  I’m all fine with this but ahahah the price I wonder how much she’ll cost.

Here’s a couple more photos:


I really like how the book can be opened up too!  Oh yesss, all the photo opportunities.


I can hear my wallet weeping.  I am so tempted to buy her but then I’d have to pay the shipping all by myself…  Should I really buy her!?  I manage to pass up on the 2012 version (the… fluffy coat one?)

On another note, there’s a yuki miku figma too, but not of the magical snow version.  Sure she looks cute but I’ll pass up on the figma.



D-don’t give me that look, Miku!  I’m sorry but I really will have to pass up on you.  I have space issues so I shouldn’t buy too many figures.


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