Alpacasso & Sailor Moon


My loot from the past couple of months

I never thought I’d get into alpacasso’s.  Sure, they’re cute and fluffy but I never thought it’ll actually grow into a thing.  I’ve been ordering my alpacsso’s from Rosy’s Garden lately since it’s a convenient place to buy latest releases.  And then I also recently purchased a necklace from Kuma Crafts – Sailor Moon Crystal Star / R Compact necklace!

So for alpacasso’s, it started out as buying a couple as presents for friends in Hong Kong.  And then after feeling just how soft they were, I…. gradually got into collecting them.  Since blue’s my favourite colour, I’ve been trying to collect blue ones though I give upon macaron series and the play colour ones.  Yes I can buy them in Hong Kong though you’d need to be wary of bootlegs.  However, it’s a lot easier to buy the newer releases online.  That and Rosy ships super fast since she’s just shipping withing Hong Kong.  Teehee.

In total, I’ve made three orders at Rosy’s shop.  The first was a 12 cm blue ramune from the fresh soda series.  And below is my second order from last month!


I originally was going to buy the purple alpacasso from the fresh soda series but then decided that the purple one from this powapowan series was cuter!



Rosy throws in freebies when you order from her.  For the first order, she gave one of those hairties for free so I was expecting only one for this order.  But then there were two and a set of stickers as well!

Along comes second order which arrived early this month.  Goddamn these blue alpacas, aaahhh.


The purple hair clip and sticky notes are freebies.

This prince series is so cuuuute!!  They have a little cape on the back too.  There’s another blue alpaca in the latest release (which feels very Valentines) but I don’t quite like it mostly due to the colour combination.  I might just get an 8cm one, maybe…

Next up is the Sailor Moon necklace from Kuma Crafts!  I forgot how I stumbled across her store but I was very tempted to buy one of the necklaces, especially the Crystal Star / R compact since I used to own a toy version of that compact back in the 90’s.  I wish I still had it though.  I eventually caved in and ordered it, mostly out of nostalgia.


…okay, I didn’t expect to receive a set of stickers for free as well!

Shipping took about a week or so from Canada and oh boy, she sure wraps it really well.  Not only is there a layer of bubblewrap, she also used a thin cardboard box for extra protection!

I absolutely love this pendant~  It may be a bit pricey but then the entire necklace is made by hand (okay, so she laser cut the pieces but there’s still a lot of effort required to put it all together!  And there’s only two people running the store too).  It’s very likely that I’ll buy more from this store again when she restocks.  I’m eyeing another two necklaces which are currently out of stock so I’m hoping she does restock them!  Plus I have a discount code too…

Anyway, going back to the alpacasso topic: here’s my current display along the top of my bed –




Yeah… I’m running out of space.  I don’t think I’d be getting any more 16cm ones unless there’s a series that looks a lot better in that size.  I’m also glad that the display space is undercover which helps a lot with the dust situation.  Hong Kong gathers so much dust so I really wouldn’t want dusty alpacas.


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