Rubber strap display

If I could, I’d use a corkboard to display my rubber straps and keychains but with dust being a big problem, I can’t use that option.  It’d be nuts having to dust the straps and keychains on a frequent basis.  Instead, I decided to use an earring stand from Muji since they’re inside a case and therefore protected from dust!


It’s not as great as a corkboard but this will do considering my circumstances.  Rubbery surface and dust do not go well together.  And I don’t need to display all my straps and keychains anyway.
…the rest of my photos vary in colour, oops.  Sometimes blue/green, sometimes yellow, red…  I suck at colour editing.  I should’ve referred to one as a standard when I was editing.  Ooops.  Lazy fish was lazy.


It slides out easily and the top tier is actually not aligned with the other two.  Probably if you have longer earrings or something…. hm.




Currently one side has all my Shingeki no Kyojin rubber straps and then two Ace Attorney ones at the bottom.  There was leftover space so why not throw these two there?

The back side are Free! keychains.  All doujin goods.




And then after those photos were taken, I threw in two more Free! keychains so now I have all the main characters!  Well… I do have a Makoto rubber strap but he’s currently hanging off my 3DS.


I guess this earring case is not a bad alternative to the corkboard considering dust problems.  My other phone straps, rubber straps and keychains are stored neatly in smaller plastic boxes.

Since I’m on the topic of rubber straps and keychains, let me just throw in a couple of photos of this adorable Nyanko-sensei phone strap I bought at Animate!



So cuuuute.  Since it’s so white, I don’t think I’d actually use it just because it’ll get dirty and grey too easily.  I also have a black nyanko sensei version that comes with the book of friends.  I considered using it but it seemed rather clunky on my phone.  Oops.


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