Loot: Rainbow Gala 12


Loot posts are forever late.  Yep.  Anyway, Rainbow Gala 12 was last December and somehow, I managed to buy more artbooks and cosplay photobooks this time round.  So this means this post will be very image heavy.  Delicious art is delicious!

I was so happy when Reika announced that she’ll be coming to Rainbow Gala!  However, it meant I’d have to queue for hours just to see her and buy her photobooks, heh.  She started selling meet-and-greet tickets at 1pm and I was already queuing just after 11 am.  Thankfully, the wait wasn’t as long as AGCHK – that was absolutely insane and disorganised.

So after buying her tickets just after 1pm, I decided to enter the room and wait for another hour inside.  Luckily I did that because I was about 2nd or 3rd row towards the front.  We also had the opportunity to take photos with Reika too!  One polaroid per person and you can also use your own camera/phone if you’re quick about it.  I got lazy with my own phone and was content with getting just a polaroid.  I’m hoping if Reika comes again in future, things progress just as smoothly and organised as this time!  (Though perhaps if the queuing time was shorter, then that’ll be great)

Ah, a side note (mostly for myself): next time for Rainbow Gala, I’d really have to get there at least 11 am because they hand out cards that indicate what time you’re allowed to enter the doujin hall.  So arriving just after 11 am, we got cards for entering at 1:30 pm, I think.  Just, wow.  At least it’s better than queuing for 3.5 hours or so outdoors like back in RG8, I think it was.

And now for photos!


I bought two of her photobooks


When I first came across Reika, she was cosplaying a lot of Hijikata from Hakuouki


Looove her Barnaby!





I love that Annie guest cosplayer *A*

Up next are photos of the other cosplay photobook I bought, featuring Tei and Kin who are both local cosplayers.  Yep, this was the photobook whose flyer I picked up at the Shingeki no Kyojin only event and then later pre-ordered.


It came with a bonus CD featuring two sets of photos



I like their image placements for their entire book.  Good stuff there (aside from one photo whose quality was far too low and therefore pixellated.  Shame that it happened.)

And now for doujin artbooks:


These two are by the same artist, I think. Or at least same circle.  Absolutely gorgeous art in the book on the left (also took photos of it below)





It’s a clear file but I had to buy it just for the art


More gorgeous artwork inside. It also came with a clear file and poster.





And this next doujin artbook was the biggest/thickest one, being hardcover and all.  It’s by the same circle that produced this artbook with delicious art (more photos in this post) that I bought in CWHK36.  More delicious art is appreciated, eeheehee.  It came with a small notebook and two postcards.



It’s really two books in one book. One has the art, the other is Miku’s travel journal.


Map of where Miku went to in the drawings


As pretty as the art is, why… that building…. =’D





The art is seriously too beautiful.  Oh my god, this circle is going to make my wallet bleed if they pump out quality art like this every time!


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