Loot: Panda Project


This loot was bought back in January.  It’s a pretty small loot because it’s one fairly big doujin table/circle selling their things in stock.  This table, Panda Project, usually has pretty long queues at doujin events because they sell overseas doujins, mostly Taiwanese, I think?  Anyway, I didn’t even know about this sale they had.  A friend of mine told me about it because she spotted something she wanted being sold there.

…so then I dragged my usual doujin event buddy and went there, haha.  There were a couple of other items that I had my eye on as well!

My friend was eyeing this 120 page EruRi doujin.  It’s hardcover too and so… nice.  *A*  It came with this bag that had the doujin’s cover art on both sides.





I liked how all the pages had a black BG.  It’s a shame that I can’t read Chinese.  I’m so curious about the story!  I’m hoping that photo above isn’t very spoilerish… there’s no text so I assumed it should be okay?

Next up is an artbook that I spotted via Panda Project’s website.  I love that soft watercolour art style~





I also bought Kimi to Boku doujins by the same circle whose Kimi to Boku artbook I bought previously.  I’m gonna have to get a friend to translate them later for me but I bought them mostly because of the art?  Heh.  I’m not really a huge supporter of this pairing but at the same time, I don’t mind this pairing.


I think the circle’s name is CattleClass放牛班?

I also bought a couple of keychains.  I bought Makoto and Nagisa since I’m missing keychains of those two.  Then I spotted a Reiner/Bert one which I just had to buy for a friend!


Reiner/Bert so cute aahhh

Doujin events are forever making my wallet bleed.  But at least their goods aren’t as pricey as official goods.  One Shingeki no Kyojin rubber strap from animate costed 80HKD or so here.  Of course the price would be jacked up since it’s imported and all.  Compare that price to doujin rubber straps – probably around 30-35 HKD or so.  Or perhaps even cheaper.  And then it makes me want to buy more because cheaper price.  Oops.


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