CWHK37 loot


Yet another late loot post.  CWHK37 happened in February and this time round, I didn’t buy as much as I normally do, mostly because the things I had my eye on were all sold out by the time I got there.  On the other hand, I managed to buy them all at RG13 which happened last weekend.  Most of the stuff I bought this time were for overseas friends too since I get to visit them during June.  =D

Onwards with photos!

The only items I bought for myself were a dangan ronpa phone strap, a roll of Free! deco tape and this do-it-yourself Dramatical Murder set of playing cards.  You need to cut them out yourself but I don’t think I’ll do it… I’ll just keep them as is since it’s easier to store them this way.  Excuse me for my blurry photos.




And here’s some close-ups:






The Free! deco tape I bought


dmmd phone strap. I wanted Kirigiri as well but she was sold out.

Stuff I bought for friends (which also includes a roll of the same deco tape I bought for myself but it’s not pictured below):


I still need to buy more presents… @.@;;  I bought more at RG13 last weekend but there’s still… more I need to get… ha…ha.


Apollo Justice memo pad actually has five different designs within the one pad! I thought it was just all the same design at first.


This Sanji keyring is too awesome.


There’s two other designs which are pictured on the packaging. Doujin goods can be such quality. *A*


On the back of the oofuri passcase is this card… art thing. So much cuteness~

Yep, that’s all I bought at CWHK37.  I wasn’t going to buy the dmmd playing cards but then… figured I should get it anyway before I regret not buying.  Dmmd goods aren’t always around plus I didn’t buy much for myself.  =’D

On an unrelated note, my Gintama x mameshiba collection has been steadily growing:


I had to buy another Zura x Elizabeth because I lost Elizabeth ;w;  So happy that animate still had them in stock!!  And then they had the 5 year later ones as well…  I still don’t own a Hijikata mameshiba oops.


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