Sushi transformers


Okay they’re not really called that but they are sushi that can transform.  One day, my friend linked me to a gachapon set where the sushi can transform into fish and vice versa.  I found it absolutely amusing and before I knew it, I ended up getting myself a full set.  Well, okay then.

I’ve spotted gachapon machines with this set nearby but no need to waste money to get the ones I want now that I have them all!  I don’t really buy gachapon toys that often.  I always get tempted to play with them since they’re placed near the cashiers at the supermarket but then I worry about how people would see me…


You take apart the sushi to recombine into whatever their origins were – fish, egg, cucumber, squid, etc.  The maguro/tuna one is pretty fiddly because of its tail.  It falls off easily and when you turn it back into sushi, you hide that tail piece inside the sushi which… somehow manages to fall out too.  Or maybe I just suck at this.


The egg and cucumber are pretty simple and nothing too fancy when transformed but then the two fish are amazing!  And I love the face of that salmon(?).


Fabulous face


Fabulous face sneaks into photo

It’s easier to store them all in their sushi forms because they take up less space and are not as fragile.  Though the ikura/salmon(?) one is kinda fragile in sushi form…


Nyanko sensei wants sushi!


Yaaay sushi~

Ahhh this increases my desire to go gachapon.  Maybe if I come across one that I really want… and I actually have enough change on me or it’s the octopus card version.  Hm.

A while back, I almost went for the famicon miniatures gachapon.  Almost.  The octopus card reader button was broken so I never got to try.  Shame.


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