Artbook: Nao Tsukiji Illustration Nostalgia


I previously bought Nao Tsukiji’s Adekan artbook and then upon receiving it, I promptly decided that I shall buy her previous art book too!  I absolutely love her colourful art style and how it’s so soft and gentle.  And the details!  It supposedly has 159 pages which is more than the Adekan artbook – 71 pages in total.  So that’s more than double the content.  However, it’s softcover instead but that doesn’t bother me.

Onwards with some photos of the book~ (And yes, there’s some Adekan art within the art book, but obviously not as much as her other art book).








I am so happy with my purchase.  I absolutely adore her art and there’s so many pages of it – such a feast for my eyes!  If it weren’t for Adekan, I wouldn’t even have heard of this artist… I don’t really know many Japanese artists to begin with.


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