RG13 loot


Rainbow Gala 13 was back in 20 April and it’s one of the few doujin events where you really need to get there early.  We got there around 11 am and, similar to last time, the ticket we were given said we could enter the doujin hall at 1:00-1:15 pm.  Yep, two hours of waiting.  But with this ticket system, it meant we didn’t have to waste time queuing so we just found a spot to sit down and play with our 3DS.

Anyway, at RG13, I spent more than I usually do at doujin events, oops.  Ah but it still doesn’t beat that one time where I ended up buying quite a few art books / photobooks.  With that said, I was really happy that I could buy the three things that I couldn’t get last time at CWHK37!  I somewhat feel bad for spending so much because I wonder if it’s really impulse buying taking over perhaps it is.  Oh well, what’s done is done.  Sometimes I’d regret not buying certain things and I don’t see them again at the next doujin event like that MakoHaru doujin.

Okay, enough talking – time to show loot photos!

I wanted to buy this Shingeki no Kyojin art book that I saw at RG12 because it had awesome art of the titans.  However, I had already bought quite a few art/photo books and decided not to get it at the time… Then I started regretting it and tried to find it at CWHK37 but couldn’t despite the circle being present.  Yay for finding it again this time!




The next item that I missed out on buying at CWHK37 was a set of Free! (B5 sized?) art that came with a plastic folder.  It was sold out by the time I got to the table.  This time, I got lucky and managed to buy a set!  They’re printed on really nice and thick paper.


The third and last item I missed out on buying at CWHK37 (also because it was sold out) was a set of 4 post-card sized art of Kagamine Rin/Len.


Also pictured above is a set of DRAMAtical Murder post-card sized art from Panda Project’s table.  They were kept inside a plastic bag with no sample on display so I had to go with my gut feeling on how the rest of the postcards would be like just from seeing the first one.  And yesss, my gut feeling was correct!  Absolutely awesome art!

I used to be not into buying art like this since I prefer them in book format but then… there’s quite a few amazing artwork in postcard format and printed on really nice thick paper too.  I really can’t pass up on such beautiful art.  I need to find some way of storing them though.


There’s some LoTR/Hobbit doujin goods at these events.  Even though I’m a fan, I normally don’t buy them but this luggage tag was just too adorable!  Okay, so I don’t really see Thranduil and Legolas having happy father/son times but it’s still a cute idea accompanied by cute art!


Hah, now that I’m truly in the Ace Attorney fandom, I just had to buy the above.  They also had badges/keychains of other AA characters but the set of four I bought also came with stickers.  It’s a shame that there’s no Trucy in the sticker set but then you have Apollo dressed in her outfit instead!  Looks like he’s flirting with Klavier though, ahahaha.

The above are miscellaneous items I bought.  All the keychains are presents for friends and, oh yes, I forgot that there’s actually a fourth item I missed out on buying at previous doujin events!  It’s the Kirigiri phone charm (from Dangan Ronpa).


My god, I have quite a collection of deco tape now… but who can resist buying the above Haikyuu deco tape?  I was so happy to see Haikyuu doujin goods around!  But there weren’t much Yowamushi Pedal goods around… b’awwww.  I did see a Makishima rubber strap though.


I think this set of Gintama playing cards is a somewhat impulse buy.  I saw it and pondered for a while if I really wanted to get it.  But then each card features a different art and I just felt I should get it as a Gintama fan.  There really is a lot of references there and there’s two sets of playing cards as well.

Anyway, that sums up the things I bought at RG13.  Here’s a few cosplay photos I took at RG13.  They’re mostly photos of other people taking photos since I have this weird creepy penchant for doing so.  Also why not just add them into the photo since it can be rather hard to get a good clear shot of cosplayers with so many photographers around.


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