Deco/Washi Tape


I’ve bought so many different types of deco/washi tape over the past year that I’ve ended up with more than I need.  But there’s just so many you can buy so easily here in Hong Kong!  And on top of that, at doujin events, there’s so many cute deco/washi tape made by fans.  I’ve even spotted official deco/washi tape at Animate too… I’m pretty sure it’ll continue to be a thing at doujin events because I see some really cute ones being advertised on doujin circles’ websites.  Ah… I need to control myself with the amount I buy though…

Anyway, onwards with photos of my collection…!?


These two are my first deco tapes and they’re from Daiso.  The strawberry one likes to stuff up on me a lot which is annoying but then they’re cheap deco tapes anyway.  Or… at least they’re relatively cheap back in Australia.  Not so much when you compare them to these Deco Rush ones!


If you buy with the holder thing, then it’s slightly more expensive than the Daiso deco tape but with the refills, they’re definitely much cheaper!  And that’s the great thing about this deco tape – it’s refillable!  No need to keep on buying the holder thing.


I forgot how long ago it was but I recall seeing these everywhere in Hong Kong – and a huge variety too.  Now there’s not as much on display and a lack of variety too.  Shame, such a shame.  Though this does force me to buy a refill tape if I see something really cute that I really like… No fish, no, resist that money vortex!


And now we have my deco/washi tape collection.  It just slowly built up with each doujin event I went to because if you don’t buy it when you see it, you most likely will never see it again.  The two bottom ones, Free! deco tape, are more of a scotch tape feel but the rest are more like masking tape / washi tape… which is basically thicker and nicer?  However, I must point out that the Nyanko-sensei one is an official tape from Animate.  A tad pricier, I think, and I’d say better quality but the Haikyuu! doujin deco tape is on par with it too.  I don’t know if I’ll ever use up all of these tapes.  I just hope I’m still in the fandom enough to continue to use them but then I’d be buying new doujin deco tapes too… it’s a never ending cycle!!

At least one good thing is that I actually like to decorate my weekly schedule so I do use my deco tape.  With that said, there’s only so much decorating one can do when I have so many, heh.


I normally don’t decorate my weekly schedule that much but since this was one full week of meeting up with friends when I visited Sydney, it meant I must deco up every single day on that page!  Hahah… heh… hm.


Heh and then my week of riajuu in Sydney was followed by another week of riajuu in USA.  Honestly, I usually don’t decorate my schedule this much…!!  So when I have one week where I didn’t really do much, I’d fill up the blank pages with my deco/washi tapes like so:


With my Deco Rush tapes, I don’t know why but the penguin one likes to stuff up on me a lot so there was a moment when I kept on getting headless penguins… eek.  Aside from that, I know it’s important to have a nice flat surface to use these tapes otherwise they won’t come out nicely.


My poor half penguins…. D:  You can also see some failures in my previous two photos of complete riajuu.

….ah, this has been one random blog entry.  White background in photos are annoying to edit…


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