Upcoming figure spendings

Wonder Festival was yesterday and I have yet to look at newly announced figures.  I do know I’d like to buy one of the nendoroids announced but I’ll make a post for wonfes later.  And then perhaps weep over all the temptations.  For now, let’s talk about the figures being released in the next few months.  I actually have my eye on at least one figure per month until November.  This is going to hurt my wallet…

First up is GSC’s Kirigiri 1/8 scale figure from Dangan Ronpa and she’ll be released some time next month. It’s been a while since I last bought a scale figure so I’ve been itching to buy another.  With that said, I own only two scale figures so far and they both happened to be from GSC.  I quite like their quality and if I’m to buy a scale figure, I’d like one with quality, nice details and an interesting pose.  And that’s exactly what GSC’s Kirigiri 1/8 offers.


I was hoping GSC’s Mikasa figure (Shingeki no Kyojin) would have a dynamic pose but… it didn’t quite live up to my expectations?  So I guess I’ll be settling down for Kirigiri instead.  GSC also revealed their Rivaille/Levi scale figure at yesterday’s wonfes but, once again, it doesn’t quite tempt me.  Maybe I have too much expectations for a Shingeki no Kyojin figure?  I don’t know, we’ll see how he’s like once coloured but for now, Kirigiri seems to be getting a chunk out of my wallet.


In September is Rikka from Chuunibyou demo koi ga shita by Kotobukiya.  Yep, she’s from the Cu-poche line and the biggest reason for me to get her is simply because I wish to own a Cu-poche and see how it’s like compared to GSC’s Nendoroid line.  And also Rikka looks cute in the Cu-poche style.  Some of the other girls look a bit odd to me in that style…


Revoltech Tachikoma is released in October.  Yep, more tachikoma.  I might be passing up on this since I already own a tachikoma and they’re releasing another blue version (anime version?) as well as a camouflage version but… I don’t know, it’ll depend on how the prices are in physical shops over here.  If it was a re-release of the yellow version, then I’d buy it instantly.  However, I have been toying with the idea of owning two tachikomas.


Finally in November is Suigintou from Rozen Maiden in nendoroid form.  Aaaahhh I knew there’d be more Rozen Maiden nendoroids after Shinku was announced.  At least a Suigintou one!  So without any hesitation, I will definitely be buying her.  I just hope her price isn’t too high but seeing how Shinku’s wasn’t too bad, I think hers will be okay too.


Yeeep, three figures I’m looking at with a potential fourth, all in the next four months.  At least they’re spread out…?  With that said, I haven’t been too into figure purchasing for a long while and suddenly I get one figure per month happening.  Please continue to be strong, my dear wallet!!

Oh, and yuki miku 2014 nendoroid arrived today.  My poor wallet…


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