Mini gachapon machine


I won’t lie – this was partly an impulse buy.  When it was up for pre-orders for the first time, I didn’t bother buying it.  I guess it was also because I was still a poor uni student and not much money to throw around, huh…

Anyway, I lost my moustache nyanko earphone jack accessory about a few weeks ago and feeling somewhat bummed for its loss, I decided to go buy another at AmiAmi.  However, they didn’t have the exact version in stock so I bought another and… ended up buying two other earphone jack accessories because I might as well buy more if I’m buying online, right?  And then I noticed that the mini gachapon machine set was in stock so… yes, I threw that into my cart too.  Ahhh that snowball effect… Lately, I’ve been in a somewhat big “building miniature things” mode so I guess this spurred on my desire to purchase this set?


This was my first time building a plastic kit so I probably wasn’t doing things properly with snapping the individual parts off.  I didn’t even bother painting the plastic parts either or sanding off those bumpy bits, as you can tell in the first photo.  Oh well, it doesn’t really bother me.  Onwards with photos!


Instructions were nice and easy to follow – yay for picture instructions!  I had some difficulty snapping off some parts though… I really am not sure how one is meant to do it properly.  I’ve never put together a plastic kit before.


The set came with 6 “proper” gachapon balls per machine as well as other coloured plastic balls.  By accident, I broke one of the “proper” balls when I tried to put the two halves together…



You can barely make out the “proper” gachapon balls from the normal coloured plastic balls in the above photo.  The miniature gachapon machines look much better with more balls filled in so I emptied the whole packet into both machines.


It was pretty annoying fitting the top part since you had to align everything perfectly in order for it to snap down properly…  Anyway, aside from putting it side by side, you can also display it on top of each other!  It becomes a bit too tall for the mini danbo’s though.



Also a bit too tall for nendoroids.


But not for figmas!  Then again, I’m somewhat cheating with this size comparison since Mayoi figma is slightly shorter than your average figma.


Penguin no. 1 trying his best to reach for the top machine!


It was a fun experience putting these together.  I don’t know if I’d buy more of these plastic kits since they’re pretty fragile and therefore harder to store them.  Space is a big issue for me and yet I want to buy a 1/8 scale figure…


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