Horror RPG only

Last Sunday, I went to an only event featuring horror rpg which referred to games like Misao, Ib, Witch’s House, Mad Father, etc. Basically “horror” games created with rpg maker and usually created by the Japanese. It was held at the same location as the Shingeki no Kyojin only event from last year. I didn’t have any high hopes for the doujin goods side of things based on the previous SnK only event. However, I did spot one circle selling jewellery based on ib and other games. They did look rather nice but I passed on that. There’s also a “horror cafe” too but I’m sure you’re meant to have made bookings in advance for that.

The ticket for the only event. Once again, excuse my shoddy phone photo.

The ticket for the only event. Please excuse my shoddy phone photo.

They had this little quiz thing going on where you find the staff cosplaying as the corresponding character, answer the question correctly and gain a stamp on the back of your ticket.  Get all four stamps and you apparently receive a prize.  My friend and I didn’t bother answering them.  With characters’ names written in Chinese, it was hard for us to answer.  I mean, my friend can read Chinese but he’s used to seeing the names in Japanese instead.

The main highlight of the event was the stage.  When I arrived at the small venue, I could already hear people screaming from the stage/theatre area next door.  After looking at the circles pretty quickly, I squeezed into the stage/theatre area with my usual con buddy and we managed to watch the last 20 or so minutes of Ao Oni.  Everything in Chinese, as suspected, but that doesn’t really matter.  Story’s not that important in Ao Oni plus I’ve seen a full playthrough before.

I must say that it really is a different experience watching a live playthrough with a live audience.  I love the interaction between people yelling out random comments and the player responding.  Most were young girls so their screams were so high-pitched, gaahh… but it still was fun hearing them yell and freak out whenever the monster gave chase.  And then all the clapping and cheering when the player successfully managed to avoid the monster!!  Even I got caught up in it.  There was also plenty of “SAVE SAVE SAVE” being yelled out because for a game like Ao Oni, it’s best to spam out those saves.  Or at least you feel safer…?

After that was a lucky draw prize thing which my friend won!  But it’s just a post-card size art, heh.  And then next up was this weird live play/re-enactment of the true end scene from Witch’s House.  It was really… weird… and full of derps.  Hm…

Excuse my phone photo

Small room with circles selling their goods. Next door on the left was the stage/theatre area.  Once again, please excuse my shoddy phone photo.

Moving along, the next game the staff played was a game that two of the staff produced themselves called MilleUni.  The pixel graphics aren’t as polished as other popular “horror” games created with rpg maker and the overall feel of the game felt very ib-like… Even the music felt the same.  However the cg images were drawn very nicely!

The audience were very into shipping the main guy (Culbert) with another male character called James.  Ah, what do you expect from a whole bunch of young fujoshi’s…  They seriously went nuts over the two and there was one scene where you could make either Culbert or James wear a maid outfit.  A few of the audience were yelling “CG! CG!” at that scene, haha.  I wouldn’t mind seeing one too.

There was a lot of Chinese text in this game and unfortunately for me, I cannot read Chinese.  I had to ask my friend from time to time what was happening.  I got the general gist of it though so I’m hoping that’s why I felt the story was rather muddled up.  The staff player ended up on a route that resulted in James’ death and my god, all the girls were yelling “nooooo” along with fake sobbing sounds.  I was so amused by all of this.  I’m a terrible person.  I really do want to know the true ending though, just so I actually understand what’s happening in the game.  But alas, it’s all in Chinese…

I found out from the programme that they played Misao earlier in the day – that would’ve been a fun game to watch!  I recall that there’s a lot of text too and I’ve forgotten how the story went already… oh well.  Anyway, that ends my report for this only event.  If there’s another, I’d love to go again and watch more live playthroughs!  It was a really fun experience!

Ah, and as a side note, I discovered that HK people pronounce ‘ib’ different to how English speakers and JP people say it.  HK people literally say the two letters that make up the name “I-B”.  I somehow found that interesting…!?  And strange…


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