ACGHK 2014


ACGHK this year is five days again with people everywhere.  Also this was the first time I went on a weekend and I am so glad I decided to meet up with my Sydney friend at 11am at Wan Chai MTR station.  The queue was pretty long already, as I suspected, and it took us about 1.5 hours to get inside the hall.  Turns out later in the day, the queue was apparently 5 hours long…!?  Insane…

Biggest reason for me to go to ACGHK this year was to find cheap nanoblocks since there was a stall selling those last year.  To my disappointment, I couldn’t find any.  On the upside, Lego had a stall this year!  Anyway, let’s go with my usual photo spamming and there’s a lot this time.  Excuse me for the late post… as per usual.

Just to give you an idea of how packed the place was on a weekend, here’s a photo:


Yep, insane.  Comparable with Comiket, actually.  Perhaps even the commercial hall in Comiket for some parts of this hall.

I spent most of my time queueing for things alone since my friend was more focused on taking photos of cosplayers instead.  And oh boy, all the queues… I’m glad phone reception was a lot better this year than last year.  My friend couldn’t even call me last year when I was inside so having a phone to play with whilst in queue alone was really handy.

Animate had a stall again and after spending some time in the queue, I finally got in and I felt let down – it turns out there wasn’t much I wanted to buy.  Most of the goods sold I had seen before in their physical shop.  Shame.  I was hoping they’d stock more Free! goods but I’ve seen them all before.


I spotted JUMP shop which wasn’t there last year so I went and queued for it.  It wasn’t as long as Animate’s but… once again, the things they were selling didn’t tempt me much.  Once again, I was disappointed, heh.

Next stall I went to was the Lego one!  It was a pretty long queue but luckily they had some Lego displays on the outside for you to look at.  And then inside, there were more displays before finally entering the cramped stall space.















I was so happy to find that they sold keychains too!  I cannot find them sold anywhere else in Hong Kong aside from small shops that resell at a much higher price.  I ended up buying two Lord of the Rings keychains – Gandalf and Gimli.  As for the other Lego sets, I already bought all the Star Wars ones that I wanted from US or HK when it was on sale.  Though I stared longingly at the larger Star Wars sets… I really don’t have the space for the larger Lego sets.

I considered checking out the Kadokawa booth since it wasn’t there last year but then the queue…


Nooope. From the metal bar to the stall = the queue.

After that, I walked around and queued up for stalls that looked interesting.  The queues weren’t too long for the other stalls, thank god~


Sentinel booth with Shingeki no Kyojin figures on display



I got amused by the Sadako climbing the tower thing so I took a photo XD


The usual scene of pretty female cosplayer being surrounded by tons of male photographers.

I managed to get lucky and walked past the Hot Toys booth when there was no queue at all!  Normally there’d be a queue though not as insane as the Kadokawa one…


Not surprised to see Iron Man on display again with all his other versions.


The DeLorean…!!!


Details are so awesome *A*


Spidey so adorable with his beanie, scarf, backpack and vest thing. XD





There was an impressive Avengers display but the shots I got weren’t that great so have a dead alien thing instead >.>!


Life size storm troopers and Darth Vader!! *A*

After visiting all the stalls that interested me, I headed out of the hall and met up with my Sydney friend again.  I ended up tagging along with him and his friend… and his friend’s friends… to a really quick cosplay photoshoot!  Fishy being the creeper that she is, took photos of people taking photos.  Aw yeah.


V-Project cosplaying as Love Live!


They attracted a lot of… male attention. I think a little over half of the photographers were randoms >.>;



After that, I rested for about half an hour with my friend before finally leaving.  My friend went again the next day for more cosplay shooting (actually, he also went on Friday) and he told me that it was even more packed on Sunday… o.o;;

Anyway, here’s what I bought at ACGHK.  Because of lack of goods to buy at Animate and JUMP shop and, more importantly, no cheap nanoblock to burn my money, I felt an urge to throw my money at something.  So most of the things I bought were impulse buys… Oops.


My overall loot!  Impulse buy #1: redjuice art book.  I considered buying it before just for the sake of owning a redjuice art book but it was sold out on CDJ.  But then I found it at a stall selling it at a reasonable price!


Impulse buy #2. I actually received the bottom right FMA stamp when my friend, who was on exchange in Japan, mailed me a birthday card.


Impulse buy #3. I just /had/ to buy this Elizabeth t-shirt after seeing it.


Semi-impulse buy: black nyanko-sensei drawstring bag.


The only non-impulse buys: LoTR lego keychains!

And that’s the end of my lengthy con report.  ACGHK was so exhausting… So many queues and no place to sit since security guards will tell you to get up.

Okay, now I have CWHK38 loot post to do next…


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