One Piece Docks at HK


About two months ago, Times Square held an exhibition for One Piece.  Being a One Piece fan, I had to go check it out.  It was pretty awesome because they had a large version of Thousand Sunny that you could actually climb onto!  And then inside the building itself, there was a large Going Merry floating in the atrium space.  There were also some One Piece figures on display as well as larger statues of them.  I think there was also a small merchandise shop too?  I didn’t really check out that shop though.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s spam photos, heh.


Thousand Sunny!  So awesome to see such a large scale version of this ship.  You can climb onto its deck but there’s a pretty long queue for it so I didn’t bother waiting in line.






Giant straw hat!!


There were a lot of giant Choppers too!  Once again, you had to queue up to enter that area to take photos with them.  So cuuuuute~


Also outside was this giant wall thing where you could stamp the black X mark on your arm and pose with the Straw Hat crew.  So awesome aaaaahhhh *A*  I love how the mother and her two kids are posing with the crew on the left.  So cute!

And then inside Times Square itself were a lot of figures and statues of One Piece characters on display… though I didn’t take photos of all the statues.





I love how they made a mini Luffy sitting there


And then above this display was Going Merry!  Aaahhh the nostalgiaaa~~~  I haven’t seen this ship for a long time.





It wasn’t that big of an exhibition and its highlights were really Thousand Sunny and Going Merry for me.  I’m not going to complain about its size because seeing large scaled versions of both ships already satisfied the One Piece fan within me.

I guess this exhibition was similar to the Gundam exhibition they had last year – two large scale gundams displayed outside (I’m sorry, I don’t know their names =’D) and then smaller scaled ones where the Choppers were placed.  Inside the shopping centre were gunpla kits on display and probably a small shop section too.  I wonder if Times Square will do more anime/manga themed exhibitions in future… though they’d have to pick the really popular ones.


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