CWHK38 loot


I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve made a loot post.  I blame this all on Fantasy Life which ate up at least one month of my life (wait what).  Whenever I’m at home, I’d be busy playing that game instead of doing other things such as editing photos and even watching anime.  Heh… I didn’t expect myself to be so addicted to it.

Anyway, I’m over it and somehow Pokemon ORAS isn’t that addictive so now I have time to finally get back into photo things and blog posts.  I have two loot posts to make and tomorrow’s the Rainbow Gala doujin event.  Oh dear.

CWHK38 was a two day event during August and I went on Sunday. The downside of going on the second day is that quite a few cute goodies were sold out already.  Ah well… Also, there were so many circles selling cute deco/washi tape.  I think I spotted around at least 4-5 circles that sold a few different patterns.  I resisted the urge to buy more but more importantly, the two tapes that I wanted to get were sold out by the time I got there.  Shaaame.  However I got to buy them at CWTHK5 ufufufufu.

Okay, time for photos!


My friend bought vol 1 of this art book.


Such a shame that half of Miku’s face disappeared in the binding. =(






I keep on seeing this set of postcards at previous events and I finally caved in and bought a set. I own two of this artist’s artbooks already.


Such pretty art~


Semi-impulse buy. Oops.


Reverse side of the above set of post cards.


The Zura keychain is double-sided! And I couldn’t resist buying the Kaito one.


This was sold at the animate table so they’re official goods. I somewhat regret not buying the Rei rubber strap.

And that concludes this loot post!  I’ll have the CWTHK5 one up… hopefully within the next week or two.  I still need to take photos of my loot, please excuse me for procrastinating badly.  Fantasy Life meant all other things I do at home ended up on a hiatus.  Oops.


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