Cleaning a sticky figure… again


This is the second time I’ve come across a PVC figure that developed a sticky layer on the surface.  In fact, I’ve previously made a post about cleaning nendoroid petites that have also suffered the sticky layer syndrome.  This time the reason for this occurrence is clear – it’s because poor Miku was left inside the blister packaging for too long.  Maybe 2-3 years long, oops.  So when I finally took her out of the box, some parts of her felt sticky.  Not all parts though like the Suzumiya Haruhi nenpuchis.  Anyway, I couldn’t stand that sticky feel so I decided to clean Miku.  Besides, where I live now gets dusty pretty easily so I would not want dust sticking to her.

I pretty much followed the same method as before:

  • I placed the nendoroid parts into a bowl full of water and then added some washing liquid.  I rubbed all the parts in that diluted solution with my fingers.  There were small bubbles around and I don’t think they all disappeared like before.  However, I think it’s because HK’s tap water is different to Sydney’s – soap suds form much more easily with HK’s tap water.
  • I left them overnight for roughly 12 hours.


  • Then I rinsed them under running tap water and patted them dry with a cloth.  Afterwards, I left them to dry on top of the same cloth.


  • There were a few pieces that still felt a bit sticky so I repeated the first step again but left them soaking for a few hours instead of 12 hours.


  • I did the rinsing thing again and after drying them, all the pieces were no longer sticky!



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